Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty for this type of project?

We warranty our labor and workmanship for 10 years and the paving stones carry a lifetime product guarantee against cracking and breaking.

How do interlocking pavers compare to concrete or stamped, colored concrete?

Stamped concrete and regular concrete cracks, breaks, heaves, shifts and is slippery when it’s damp or wet. The colors that concrete contractors use to color the stamped concrete fade very fast, and if the colored concrete is not sealed annually, it fades even faster. AMK Hardscapes’ interlocking brick pavers are maintenance free.

Will the color of the brick pavers in my Denver driveway, patio, or kitchen fade?

Using iron oxide pigments, our brick paving stones only fade 2% in the first 2 years and 5% in the next 20 years. Our brick pavers are non-slip, non-skid wet or dry. The color is throughout each stone, so even after years of service, the colors will be consistently beautiful.

How can the area be repaired?

Paving stone repairs are simple. Just break out two bricks and remove as many or as few more stones as you need to repair water lines, electrical lines and then replace the stones and the repair is seamless vs. having to remove and replace the entire concrete area.

How does brick paver cost compare to concrete or asphalt?

Generally our interlocking brick paver projects are more expensive than plain concrete or asphalt. However, this WILL be the final Denver area driveway, walkway or patio you will ever have to install. Concrete shifts, cracks, breaks and needs replacing sooner or later. Asphalt melts, and cracks or breaks in just a couple of years. You will be satisfied with the value of this project for many, many years to come.

Will AMK Hardscapes improve the value of my home?

Generally it is assumed that whatever you spend on this type of project, you will recoup two-fold. So if your brick paver driveway, brick paver patio, brick paver walkway, or brick paver kitchen costs $8,000 you will get $16,000 upon the sale of the home. Curb appeal is of utmost importance when trying to sell a property. The distinguished appearance of an AMK Hardscapes entrance to your home will certainly grab a buyer’s attention more than a plain old cracked concrete driveway and sidewalk. The value of your further enjoyment of these improvements will be immeasurable.