Attach A Brick Deck to Your Denver Home or Property!

Brick pavers are a beautiful, versatile, and durable choice for a Denver pool deck. There are many benefits to using brick pavers in Colorado when attaching a deck—pavers are durable and beautiful, and a perfect choice for a brick deck addition to any Denver property. AMK Hardscapes interlocking brick pavers offer unlimited pattern and color combinations, so you can choose the combination that best compliments your home and décor.

A brick paver pool deck will stay cooler in the hot Colorado summer season than concrete, which can become uncomfortable on bare feet. If a paver or section of pavers should become damaged in some way, the repair and/ or replacement process is much easier than with concrete or asphalt, which requires removing large sections and making repairs that may not integrate seamlessly with the surrounding material.

You won’t need to tear out an entire pool deck to make repairs to one piece when your deck is made of brick pavers. If you are thinking of attaching a deck or brick patio to your outdoor living space, contact AMK Hardscapes today at (303) 525-8601 for a job quote.

Product Guarantee

Our labor and workmanship for your Denver property’s brick deck installation is guaranteed for 10 years. Our unique brick paving stones also carry a lifetime product guarantee against cracking and breaking. With just 2% fade in the first two years and 5% over the next 20 years, your brick paver pool deck will stay gorgeous and age with elegance. Interlocking brick pavers are not only beautiful, but safe to walk on in any weather, with a solid non-slip, non-skid surface that’s safe for you, your family, and your guests.

Brick Deck Denver

Smart Money Move

Installing custom interlocking brick pavers is a wise investment in the curb appeal of your home or commercial property. When adding a brick deck in Denver, the quality of the workmanship can make or break the effectiveness of the project.

When a professional hardscape company with the level of experience that AMK Hardscapes has installs a brick paver pool deck at your home or commercial property, the ROI is well worth the investment. AMK Hardscapes is a respected local business with a proven track record of state-of-the-art installations which make your property stand out from the crowd and improve the look, feel, and usability.

Let us give you the peace of mind knowing your custom brick paver project is done by industry professionals with years of experience, giving you an upgrade to your existing property that will increase your enjoyment and overall property value.

Give us a call today at (303) 525-8601 to discover how AMK Hardscapes can help you have the outdoor living space you’ve always wanted. Let us give you a quote, inform you of the various material and design options, and discuss pricing and timeline. We also install outdoor fireplaces and fire pits! Hate shoveling snow in Denver? Upgrade to a heated brick driveway. If you have an idea you believe can be built with brick, call our team of hardscape experts and we’ll make it happen.

Let’s get started on your Denver brick deck project today!