Why Use Interlocking Paving Stones to Improve Your Home Value?

AMK Hardscapes is a Certified ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) Installer. ICPI is the leading resource for education and training for segmental pavement contractors. Compare our expertise and our interlocking paving stones to any other solution and you will find that AMK Hardscapes in Denver offers quality brick pavers that will last a lifetime.

OptionCostMaintenanceNeeds ReplacingGuaranteedChoice of Designs
FlagstoneHighWill crack & chipYesNoLimited
Mortar-Set BricksHighWill crack & chipYesNoLimited
Stamped ConcreteMed to LowWill crack & chipYesNoLimited
ConcreteLowWill crackYesNoLimited
AsphaltLowestWill crackYesNoLimited
AMK HardscapesMediumWon’t crack, fade or chipNoYesOver 50 different colors,
shapes and patterns to choose from.
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Learn why more people in Denver, Colorado are choosing AMK Hardscapes to create beautiful interlocking brick paving stone solutions for driveways and patios!

Improve your home’s value by creating a beautiful, custom-designed patio or replace your cracked, worn out concrete patio or walkway. Our top-quality, interlocking paving stones are guaranteed for a lifetime against cracking, chipping, or breaking

Our interlocking brick pavers are non-skid, non-slip and they won’t fade or wear out. They are the ideal alternative to concrete and asphalt driveways, patios, and walkways.

Worried about clearing snow in the winter? Our driveway, patio, and walkway pavers are consistent in size, which allows for a completely flat surface. Your shovel or snow blower won’t catch at the joints.

Not only are our quality brick paving stones more attractive than concrete, they are also manufactured to at least 8000 psi this is four times stronger than concrete and more than 10 times the strength of asphalt.

Our interlocking brick paving stones come in countless color, shape and pattern combinations which allows us to create a truly one of a kind paving stone solution to improve your home’s value.

We create sand joints between the brick pavers to allow flexibility and prevent cracking due to moisture, extreme temperature and frost.

Unlike concrete which will heave and settle with shifting soil, interlocking pavers are flexible and non-rigid which allows the soil to settle without needing to replace the entire driveway, walkway or patio.

Poured concrete cracks and deteriorates due to shrinkage, loads and weather while interlocking pavement has joints which contribute to its strength. Interlocking, quality brick pavers do not need to cure like poured concrete which means it is immediately ready for traffic.

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