Residential Hardscape Contractors in Denver

Whether you’ve moved into a newly constructed home or have taken possession of an older home in need of some attention, landscaping and hardscaping can help you create defined living spaces for your family to enjoy.

Everyone wants to increase their curb appeal and have an aesthetically pleasing property. Hiring residential hardscape contractors in Denvver can help you achieve the look you want without the stress and labor-intensive work of planning and executing on your own. You’ll have the opportunity to work with experienced Denver paver installers who are licensed, insured, and who can provide you with realistic pricing that captures your vision. With simple and consistent communication during your project, you’ll remain at the helm and can achieve exactly what you’re looking for.

Residential Paving Contractors

Brick Paving Stones for Residential Applications

Our team at AMK Hardscapes is made up of professional hardscape contractors in Denver, pavers, and residential walkway installers specializing in residential hardscaping. We can support nearly any vision you have for your property:

As licensed residential Denver paving contractors, we’ll ensure that whatever your project entails, you’ll end up with a quality solution that meets your needs.

Residential Brick Pavers: Benefits & ROI

Traditional hardscaping materials such as concrete or asphalt are prone to fading, cracking, and generally wearing out over time. But in Denver’s harsh weather, pavers are a preferred choice as they provide a surface 10 times stronger than asphalt and 4 times stronger than concrete and will last for a lifetime of regular use. They’re also guaranteed against any chipping, breaking, or cracking and provide a non-slip solution to keep you and your family safe. What this means is that most homeowners who choose brick pavers improve the home value with a return roughly twice what they initially invested.

In terms of brick paver designs, the options are endless. There is a vast selection of shapes, colors, and patterns to choose from to make your project unique to you. You won’t have to wait long to see it all done either, because brick pavers don’t need to dry or cure as concrete does. Once the installation is complete, you can start using and enjoying your new space right away.

Residential Hardscaping Denver

What to Consider Before Hiring AMK Hardscapes

You certainly do not need to have a full plan in place before you work with our team. If you aren’t sure what options you should choose, our Denver paving contractors would be thrilled to show you past projects and make recommendations to help you achieve the right look and feel for your property. Our team of passionate, experienced residential hardscape contractors in Denver is made up entirely of employees—we do not use subcontractors! Our crew has supported homeowners across the Denver, Colorado area for over 16 years and have retained a strong reputation wherever we work. If we can provide the help you need to get your project moving, we’re happy to do it.

What Really Sets Our Denver Paving Contractors Apart

At AMK Hardscapes, we make a point of completing each project the right way, the first time. Our in-house team of residential hardscape contractors in Denver has exceptional knowledge and experience with brick pavers and boasts some of the best residential walkway installations in the state. We always use professional equipment to ensure safe installations and our crews respect the work that goes into a successful result. To lead with authority, each of our crew leaders has been certified by the industry-leading Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute (ICPI). These ardent leaders bring expertise to every project.

If you’d like to work with a residential hardscape contractor in Denver that focuses on safety, quality, professionalism, and honest work, contact AMK Hardscapes today online or call us directly at, (303) 525-8601.