Heated Driveway Installation for Denver Homes

In Colorado, snow can happen during almost any month of the year. The earliest measurable snowfall on record is September 3rd, and the latest snowfall on record is June 12th. Even in the summer months when the snow isn’t falling, we can experience hailstorms that deposit balls of ice that coat our streets, driveways, parking lots, and alleyways and turn a sunny summer’s day into a chilly winter scene. When snow and ice pile up there are usually only two ways of getting rid of it, waiting for the sun to melt it, or clearing it off with a snow shovel or snow blower. We’re here to tell you, there’s a third option—heated driveway installation. Denver homeowners are discovering the manifold benefits of having a heated brick driveway; it’s not just convenient and practical, a heated driveway can increase the curb appeal and resale value of your Denver area home, often returning two times the investment!

The Benefits of Heated Driveways

At AMK Hardscapes, our top-quality interlocking paving stones are guaranteed against cracking, chipping, or breaking for the life of the product, and our labor carries a 10-year warranty. Sand joints between the brick pavers provide the necessary flexibility to prevent cracking caused by moisture, extreme temperature, and frost. While concrete and asphalt are common choices for Denver’s driveways, our interlocking brick pavers won’t fade, crack, or wear out, and are four times stronger than a concrete driveway and up to ten times stronger than asphalt, making them the ideal alternative to concrete and asphalt driveways. When you choose a heated driveway installation, Denver weather won’t be an issue as our interlocking driveway pavers are consistent in size, producing a completely flat surface that’s easy to clean with a broom or shovel that won’t catch on an uneven surface or joint.

Concrete driveways can heave and crack with changing temperatures and shifting soil, whereas a driveway of interlocking brick pavers can adapt to changing weather and soil conditions without becoming damaged. Our brick pavers are also non-skid and non-slip, so you and your loved ones can traverse your driveway in wet weather without fear. With a heated brick driveway, you’ll always enjoy the snow when it does come, because it will no longer require the need to stand out in the cold to clear snow and ice from the surface of your driveway, to make it safe to walk or drive on.


Discerning Denver homeowners aren’t looking for “cookie-cutter” homes or driveways—another reason to love our interlocking brick pavers. We offer over 50 different colors, shapes, and patterns to choose from. We can create a truly unique look for your brick driveway that will not only be practical and useful in all kinds of weather but will also improve your home’s value and add beauty to its aesthetic value.

Find out why Denver residents are trusting AMK Hardscapes to improve the curb appeal and boost the property value of their homes for a lifetime to come. Call now to schedule your heated driveway installation in Denver. Don’t spend another winter shoveling!


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