Brick Walkway Installation for Denver Homes and Commercial Properties

If you’re planning to install a quality walkway at your home or business, you should consider using interlocking brick pavers installed by AMK Hardscapes. Our brick walkway pavers are guaranteed against chipping, cracking, or breaking for a lifetime, and we warranty our labor and workmanship for 10 years. We offer a wide variety of styles of interlocking brick pavers that are ideal for constructing custom walkways both for commercial applications and residential homes.

AMK Hardscapes offers Denver brick walkway installations that will improve the property value as well as the aesthetic of your Denver home or business. The durability of our interlocking brick pavers is unparalleled, making them the perfect answer for a long-lasting walkway that can stand up to the blazing summer heat as well as the snow and ice of a Colorado winter. Iron oxide pigments keep the color in our brick paving stones from losing their beauty. In addition to their beauty and durability, our walkway pavers are safe wet or dry, offering you a non-slip, non-skid solid surface.

Not only do our top-quality brick paving stones offer you beauty and durability for your custom walkway, they are also four times stronger than concrete and more than 10 times stronger than asphalt, making them a smarter choice for your Denver brick walkway installation. Over time, concrete will heave and settle with shifting soil, and asphalt will crack and break apart, but our interlocking custom pavers are flexible and non-rigid. Which means they will maintain their shape, beauty, and strength even as the soil beneath them changes. Sand joints between the walkway pavers allow them the flexibility to move with the soil and adapt to changing temperatures without becoming damaged. If a repair is ever necessary, it won’t require redoing the entire walkway.

The custom walkway possibilities are virtually endless with over 50 different colors, shapes, and patterns to choose from. We can create a truly unique brick walkway that will add to your home’s curb appeal, value, and functionality. Custom brick walkway installations in Denver also improve the aesthetic value, convenience, and safety of your home or commercial property. Whether your style is classic, traditional, or contemporary, a path defined by custom interlocking brick walkway pavers is a wise investment in the appeal and practicality of your property.

AMK Hardscapes also offers interlocking brick driveways—including heated brick driveways for those snowy Denver winters—and other home improvements such as stairways, decks, gazebos, outdoor fireplaces, trellises, and more! There are many reasons to invest in brick pavers, including: 

  • Increase curb appeal with a uniform surface that is attractive as well as functional 
  • Improve resale value by providing a walkway or driveway that is safe as well as attractive 
  • Stand out from the crowd of concrete and asphalt driveways and walkways that fade, chip, and crack with the years.

The elegant appearance of an AMK Hardscapes project shows potential buyers that you’ve put extra effort into making your home beautiful as well as practical and, if you never sell your home, the return on investment will be realized in the many years of added enjoyment these home improvements will bring to you and your loved ones.

Give us a call today at (303) 525-8601. Let’s talk about how AMK Hardscapes can transform your property into something spectacular with a custom Denver brick walkway installation.