Winter Maintenance Tips and Choosing Brick Paver Installation in Littleton

As we near the winter season, it is crucial you prepare your landscaping and outdoor areas for the incoming cold temperatures and inclement weather. This will help you maintain the dollars you have spent on your home, lawn, and other outdoor areas. Make sure you learn the ways to prepare your home and lawn for winter, maintenance tips to do throughout the season, and why you should choose a brick paver installation in Littleton or your home in the Denver area.

Preparing for Winter
Before winter sets in, make sure the gutters on your roof are cleared. If left with leaves and other debris, they can clog, leading to built up snow and water. When this happens under freezing temperatures, the water will freeze and the added weight can damage your gutters. This will also reduce your risk of ice dams, which is when ice builds up on your roof and gutters. In addition to maintenance outside, make sure heat does not escape from your roof. This leads to ice melting and refreezing, hence causing ice dams. For the trees around your home, be sure to trim back any branches that are over your roof. This will help reduce debris from falling onto your roof and gutters. To help your grass be healthy before it snows, over fertilize your lawn and make sure to provide nutrients to your trees. Mulching is also important, so be sure to add this to your list for plants and trees.

Maintenance Throughout the Season
To help keep your lawn in premier shape, did you know you can fertilize in the winter, too? As you hit the middle of winter, invest in fertilizer to help keep your lawn going through the cold temperatures, ice, and snow. Be cautious walking on your grass and dragging anything across your lawn, as your grass will be in a fragile state. Use your walkways as much as possible. If you choose to decorate your home for the holiday season, make sure to use the proper electrical requirements. Avoid having anything that blocks view when pulling in and out of the driveway. You can also learn ways to brighten a winter landscape if you feel yours is dull.

Brick Paver Installation and Care Tips
One of the best investments you can make for the outside of your home is the addition of brick pavers. These are interlocking with a smooth surface, making it easy to shovel and snowplow during the winter. This type of surface does not catch, making it easier and safer to clear snow. Plus, with strength four times greater than concrete, and 10 times greater than asphalt, you can rest assured with your investment. Learn more about the top improvements to make your landscaping, including stone driveways in Denver.

As you gear up for winter, AMK Hardscapes can install brick pavers outside your home. From walkways to driveways, this is the perfect investment to make for the exterior of your home. Not only will it make your outdoor maintenance easier, but will also help to drain water too when there is rain or melting snow. Call us at 303-525-8601 today to see what we can do for you.