Will Denver’s emerging paver projects inspire homeowners next year?

Will Denver's emerging paver projects inspire homeowners next year?

There were two large-scale public projects in Denver this summer that really utilized brick pavers and that may draw more popularity to pavers within your own neighborhood next year. While your home brick paver project is likely to be much smaller in scale than these projects are, we hope you’ll be as excited about pavers as we are after checking out these public spaces yourself. Check out the projects and see how the continued public choice of interlocking pavers can inspire a growing trend for homeowners:

Cherry Hills Village – Before the end of this year, you can swing by John Meade Park to check out the 16-by-30-foot temporary performance area that will be built at Alan Hulto Memorial Commons by October 3rd. The project utilizes 2’x2′ concrete pavers, and similar pavers will be used for the seating area. Pavers will also be likely used for its main crosswalk.

Lakewood – The Lakewood government complex just celebrated its grand opening for a renovation that includes a 30,000-square-foot courtyard covered in stone pavers between the Cultural Center and City Hall. This plaza courtyard was redone in hopes of drawing more public usage, inviting people to be actively engaged with the beautiful space.

We hope you check out these public projects and can visualize your own home with brand new paver features. The colder months will give you plenty of time to decide. We hope that when you do, you’ll give us a call at (303) 525-8601 to see how we can help you create a space you will love