Why You Should Choose Denver Hardscaping For Commercial Properties

Pavers are often used to add beautiful focal points for the front and back yard of a home, but what about commercial properties? Although many businesses use grass, plants and shrubs, pavers are the perfect way to step up your property’s curb appeal. Here’s why you should call a Denver hardscaping company if you own a commercial property:

Create gathering spaces
Laying down pavers instantly creates a space where office workers can gather together to enjoy lunch in the sunshine. Once you have the pavers down, consider adding in picnic tables and built in umbrellas to cover them from the sun to make it the ideal gathering space for outdoor meals.

Build a walkway
Using pavers to create a walkway that takes customers from the parking area directly to the front door of your business will help first-time customers easily find their way inside. Although this will work well for any kind of commercial property, it’s even more important if your business’s front door is hard to spot from the parking area, or if you have more than one entrance, but want to direct customers to only one.

Eliminates costs
If your commercial property has a lot of grass, plants, or shrubs, you will need to hire a landscaping company to come out and make sure everything is properly maintained. However, the more space you fill with pavers, the less of a need you will have for this landscaping company since there won’t be any grass to cut or shrubs to trim. Of course, pavers are not maintenance-free, but they aren’t as high maintenance as having a yard full of growing grass. Learn how to maintain pavers here.

Some commercial properties allow their customers to park in gravel parking lots, but these can be difficult to maneuver through—not to mention tough to walk on! Customers and employees who are wearing high heels might as well bring another pair of shoes to change into before walking to their cars, since it can be very tricky to walk on this surface with heels. Instead of laying down gravel in your parking lot, let your customers park on beautiful pavers. These are much easier to drive over and walk on, so customers won’t have as much of a problem making it in to do business with you.


Accents the exterior
Pavers can also be used to create a beautiful accent to your commercial property’s exterior. For example, use it to build steps leading from your business down into your outdoor seating area. Or, build a short wall of pavers around your beautiful garden of flowers to really make it stand out to employees and clients. There are many ways you can use pavers to accent the current landscaping and outdoor setup you already have on your commercial property.

Ready to make your commercial property more inviting and visually appealing? Call AMK Hardscapes, the premier interlocking paving stone installer, for help finding the perfect pavers for your business. Contact us today to get started on your property’s transformation!