Why Brick Driveways in Denver are Your Go-To Solution

How old is the material of your driveway and walkways around your home? Over time, materials can corrode, become damaged, show age, and more. This not only can be aesthetically unpleasing, but can be dangerous. As a homeowner, it is important to know when it is time to replace your current space with brick driveways in Denver. Learn when it’s time to redo your driveway and walkways, reasons to choose brick, and what to expect during the process.  

Should You Redo Your Driveway and Walkways?
Many neglect the maintenance of their driveway and walkways. Over time, this can look poorly on your home and is also risky.  Some of the signs telling you it’s time to replace include:

Cracking: Common in asphalt or concrete, older paths around your home will crack due to outdoor elements. With the snow in Denver, the salt that you place can especially lead to this issue. Over time, they grow and change the surface of the area—making it difficult to maintain.
Problems with Draining: Your driveway and walkways should lead water out. If you find areas hold water, it can lead to issues down the road, such as holes or cracking. Sitting water is also problematic during the warmer months, becoming breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects.
Holes: In some instances, not only can your driveways or walkways crack, but will possibly even develop holes. This can damage your vehicle or become dangerous for those walking on the space. Until you replace your driveway, it is beneficial to provide a temporary fix or cones over the hole.
Poor Appearance: An ailing driveway or poor walkways have a negative impact on the exterior view of your home. This can decrease its value. Even if you aren’t planning on selling, it can hurt the overall view of your neighborhood. If you have a home owners’ association, they may send you a notice to fix them after a certain point of damage.

Reasons to Choose Brick
Concrete and asphalt driveways and walkways commonly cause the issues mentioned above. They don’t always stand up to the test of time the way brick can. They are more prone to fading, cracking, breakage, and more. Brick pavers have a much longer lifespan, with a non-skid and non-slip surface. You will love the way they look, as well as how much easier they are to shovel in the winter. Brick has a seamless surface, so your shovel will not get caught in certain spots. Once you learn how to take care of brick pavers, which is easy, they will last.  

What to Expect
When choosing brick pavers, while your initial costs may be more expensive than concrete or asphalt, they will save you in the long run. It is important to keep that in mind when shopping around. When it is time to have a hardscaping company manage your project, they will use an efficient installation method that levels the ground and ensures there will be no issues.

To help you replace your concrete or asphalt driveways, AMK Hardscapes is your trusted source for the job. Start the New Year off right and call us at 303-525-8601 to get started.