Wheelchair Accessibility Tips and Incorporating Denver Hardscaping

When there is a person in your home that needs permanent accessibility options, it is important to make sure everything is done correctly. With a little bit of work, you can easily incorporate ramps and pathways with Denver hardscaping to make it easy for you or your loved one to navigate. As you work to incorporate accessibility options both inside and outside of your home, there are a few key things to consider. Learn about some mobility tips for inside your home, ways to incorporate outside accessibility ramps, and other additional outdoor accessibility features.
Mobility Tips for Inside the Home
When making a few key upgrades to your home, you can guarantee that you or your loved one that needs wheelchair accessibility throughout the home can live an independent life. To get started, it is important to list all the areas that will need to be changed to accommodate a wheelchair. This includes doorways that are wide enough for a wheelchair to roll through. Next, you need to make sure areas are low enough, such as doorknobs, sinks, and counters, for a person in a wheelchair to reach. If the home has carpet, you may want to consider a surface that is easier for a person in a wheelchair to navigate on. For bathrooms, you will need to make sure they are wide enough to accommodate the wheelchair. It is also important to install a shower solution that can easily accommodate the person in the wheelchair. If your home has multiple floors, you can install special chairs to easily take a person up the stairs.

Outside Accessibility Ramps
Outdoor accessibility is important to be able to easily get indoors and outdoors. When there are steps leading to the home, you will need a ramp option to help a person in the wheelchair up to the door. The United States Access Board (USAB) defines the rules for ramps and curb ramps to follow. Some of the tips they note include having a minimum of a 36-inch width, handrails if the rise on the slope of the ramp is higher than 6 inches, and an easy slope rise with a running slope with a 1 to 12 ratio. This will depend on the length of your ramp and will easily ensure the person in the wheelchair can easily make it up the ramp. The USAB maps out specific directions on how to accomplish this.

Additional Outdoor Accessibility Features
There are many options available to make your home wheelchair accessible. By incorporating smooth pavers, you can create paths to all areas they would need to get to in your front or backyard. If you have a driveway, it is a good time to review its quality. If it is cracking, has large holes or is uneven, it is time to upgrade your driveway to make this a single smooth surface.
Once you have repaired and upgraded the pavers to make your outdoors more accessible for those in your home in a wheelchair, it is crucial to use Denver paver hardscaping tips for driveway maintenance. This will keep your investment well cared for and issue free for years to come. To get started creating smooth options for pathways for your home, AMK Hardscapes can help. Call us at 303-525-8601 today to see how we can help.