Ways to Make Your Pool Area Safe for Summer from Your Denver Hardscaping Company

One of the best things about the summer months is spending time outdoors, relaxing and lounging. One of the best places to do this is at the pool! With warm-weather pool days nearing, it is crucial to ensure safety amongst all in the area. From general pool safety, creating a safe environment, to upgrading your pools’ hardscaping, make sure to update all those who spend time by your pool with these tips to keep everyone healthy and happy on those sunny Denver Days.

General Pool Safety
It is important to make sure everyone using your pool is playing safe. This ensures a fun and injury-free time for the group. One of the top priorities is for everyone to know how to swim. For any of those who do not know, wearing a lifejacket or flotation aid can mitigate potential risks. Next, ensure that no one runs or plays aggressively around the potentially slick surfaces of the pool’s edges. It is easy to slip and fall on these slippery and hard surfaces, quickly turning a fun time into a painful experience. Next, it is also beneficial for someone that knows CPR to be nearby in the event of an incident. Last, make sure those in the pool stay away from drains as clothing or limbs may get caught. Learn more about general safety in the American Red Cross’ Home Pool Safety.

Creating a Safe Environment
Is the environment around your pool safe? Securing your pool area with a fence can discourage others from attempting to use your pool without permission. This will also help keep animals from getting into the pool. It is important to make sure there are steps or ladders that help individuals get into and out of the pool. Occasionally checking the condition of ladders can make sure that all steps and handrails are secure. Next, make sure your pool water is clean. Clean it on a regular basis and make sure chemical levels stay normal.

Upgrading Your Pool Hardscaping
As we move into the warmer months, it is time to evaluate your pool’s hardscaping. Hardscaping around your pool refers to the stones that make up the area around your pool and/or hot tub. Over time, it is common for hardscaping to become worn or cracked. This kind of deterioration may make for an overly slick surface or jagged edges. With pool traffic sure to be increasing soon, now is the time to consider updating your hardscaping and be prepared for the upcoming pool season. For inspiration to upgrade your pool area, check out HGTV’s Swimming Pool Landscaping Ideas.

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