Ways to Bring Your Landscaping Back to Life After Winter and Incorporating Denver Hardscaping

With spring just around the corner, now is the time to start giving your landscaping a little love. This way, when temperatures are warmer and you will be spending time outdoors, you will be happy with the curb appeal and overall look! From post-winter to dos and pruning tips, to ways you can incorporate Denver hardscaping, try some of these ideas to prepare your landscaping.
Post-winter to dos

As you prepare to handle caring for your landscaping to help after winter, your first step is to assess the current quality and situation. It is the perfect opportunity to see what plants, flowers, trees and shrubs need attention or must be pulled out. For your lawn, you may notice a layer of dead grass. This is known as “thatch.” It is important for you to remove this layer as you help your lawn recover from the cold weather. For instructions, visit This Old House’s “How to De-thatch a Lawn.” While you are handling the de-thatching process, it is important to pick up any branches or particles that have fallen. Next, you can handle seeding in your lawn to help bring it back to life. From here, you can add a fresh layer of mulch to our plants to help bring them back to life, too.
Tips for pruning

Pruning should be another task added to your post-winter to do list. Pruning is the process to remove dead or overgrown branches from your trees and shrubs. This helps to bring your shrubs and trees back to life, grow and avoid any incoming diseases. When pruning, your first goal will be to remove any dying branches or stems. Next, you will want to cut down the branches to encourage health and growth. You do this by cutting the stem at a very slight angle, about a quarter away from any buds. In some cases, you will have to make several different cuts. For more guidance on how to properly prune your trees, visit Tree Care Tips’ “Tree Pruning Dos and Don’ts.”
Incorporating hardscaping

If you have a driveway, is it in good condition? What about the walkways around your house? The transition from winter to spring is a great time to consider incorporating hardscaping to complement your landscaping. Hardscaping are man-made elements that can be constructed from materials such as concrete or brick that you can incorporate into your lawn. For instance, if you would like to add or enhance a walkway, a great way to accomplish this is adding pavers. Or, if you would like to add in a retention wall to add a tiered look to your landscaping, this is a great addition that will improve the overall value and curb appeal of your home. For more ideas on how you can incorporate hardscaping into your landscaping, try these Denver hardscaping tips for your front yard.  

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