Unique Ways to Add Denver Pavers to Your Outdoor Space

Who says Denver paver hardscaping has to be for just walkways or patios? There are many other uses for them to customize your home. Check out these alternative ideas to add pavers to your outdoor spaces:

Add to your plants and gardens: Since pavers can make a nice walkway, if you don’t already have them alongside your blooming garden, it may be something to consider. Incorporating pavers into your planters can provide nice balance to the flowers, especially if the colors mesh. Plus, it may also make it easier to walk along as you water and maintain your garden.
Replace grass: If you aren’t a fan of moving the grass and overall upkeep, replacing your grass with pavers is one way to achieve less overall maintenance. Connect with your Denver hardscaping company and they can transform the space into one that is manageable and functional. By making the switch, you’ll not only save time, but can also save you in the long run from the associated costs of things like fertilizer, water and more. See how some people are making the switch and (purposely) losing their lawns on Houzz.
Tiered displays: Add dimension to your yard by using pavers for a tiered display. These displays can be anything from garden walls and walkways, to pool areas and steps.  It’s a great way to add curb appeal and bring something unique to your yard (and possibly neighborhood!)
Enclosed gardens: Pavers are a great way to add a garden space. Simply add the pavers in the space you plan to house your garden, build small walls to surround, and fill it with soil and plants! This is a great way to add dimension to your front or back yard and update your garden space.
Create focal points: Pavers are a great way to add focal points or guide the eye to a certain area. They are also great ways to direct traffic to wanted  areas. For instance, have you thought about the use of a fire pit? Pavers can be used to build the entire fire pit itself, and you can also have your hardscaping company add in a walkway to make the space easy to navigate.
Designs: Pavers can be used to further incorporate designs into your yard. For instance, instead of a straight pathway, you can add an alternating pattern or create a focal point in color. You can use pavers to put a letter in your yard (perhaps the initial of your family’s last name).

Do you have a creative idea to use pavers in your home or landscape design? Or would you like to do something fresh and unique but aren’t sure what? AMK Hardscapes can help. We’re a locally owned and operated company and specialize in installing versatile hardscapes for the Greater Denver area and the Front Range. We strive to bring your vision to life, and can help you if you would like to add something new to your space. Get started by contacting us today – give us a call at 303-525-8601.