Top Ways to Transform Your House this Spring with Brick Paver Installation in Castle Pines

Giving your curb appeal a little TLC is the perfect project for spring. No matter what your budget, just a little bit of an investment and some elbow grease can go a long way! Try any, or all, or these ideas for your home. From paint and landscaping, to porches and brick paver installation in Castle Pines, this is your guide to become the best-looking house on the block!

New siding or fresh paint
You can completely transform your home with new siding or paint. On average, siding can last anywhere from 20-40 years. If yours is wearing or fading, consider investing in an upgrade. Talk to your insurance company to see if you are eligible for coverage.

If your siding is a material that can be painted, consider taking on the project. If you live in a neighborhood with a home owners’ association, be sure you are following any codes or recommendations. From there, it’s up to you what to do with the paint! If you’re considering a move in the future, aim for neutral colors that won’t detract potential buyers. Find inspiration with these 28 inviting home exterior color palettes.

Update or add landscaping
As you do your spring landscaping maintenance, it’s the perfect time to change things up for a new season. A few ideas to consider include:

Use a different color of mulch that helps make your yard pop. Make sure it’s organic so it nourishes your plants!
Plant agastache plants or torch lilies. These are colorful plants that fair well with Colorado’s climate and weather.
Add lawn decorations. There are a variety of garden stakes, stones, globes, signs, wind chimes, and more that you can get from your local home goods store.  
Plant a tree! It’s a simple addition that you will love to see grow.

Porch renovations
No matter what size your porch is, you can add a few elements to it that make it feel cozy. First, add a piece of furniture, such as a rocking chair our outdoor bench. There are weather proof cushions and pillows that are perfect for personality. Next, add a sign. It could be a “welcome” sign, or one with your family’s name. It’s also great to add a focal piece on the ground, such as a stone or other piece of décor. For a pop of color, paint your door a unique color and invest in a new lock and handle. For the final touch, add a wreath or other door decoration.

Add brick pavers
Brick pavers are a great investment that have a much longer lifespan than cement. Even better, it has appeal that goes unmatched, and won’t fade, chip, or crack. A variety of colors and shapes are available to match to the tone of your house. You can use them for your driveway and walkways. Looking for more ideas? Add hardscaping! Get hardscape inspiration for your Denver yard.  

To help you with all of your brick paver and hardscaping needs this spring, contact our team at AMK Hardscapes. We’ll help you with any budget or project to transform your home. Call us today at 303-525-8601 to get started.