Top Improvements to Make to Your Landscaping, Including Stone Driveways in Denver

Are you looking for ways to increase your home’s curb appeal? Take your home to the next step, or even just make a few changes to help improve your landscaping look and feel? There are many ways you can accomplish this, no matter what your budget is. Learn why curb appeal increases your home’s value, tips for adding trees, shrubs, and flowers, and how you can add stone driveways in Denver as you make improvements to your landscaping.
Why Curb Appeal Increases Your Home’s Value
For many, curb appeal might just be a priority when selling a home. While important, it plays a huge role in your home whether you are trying to sell it or not. When trying to sell your home, curb appeal will help add a pop of personality that will help it stand out amongst the other homes a prospective buyer is interested in. When you have ailing landscaping, an exterior of a home that is in poor condition, walkways and a driveway that is cracking and in poor shape, it may turn away buyers. However, even when not selling your home, when a home is in poor shape, it can be a safety hazard. Also, when your home is in poor shape, it can bring down overall values for your neighbor’s homes down as well. On a budget? Try the DIY Network’s six ways to get instant curb appeal for less than $100.

Adding Trees, Shrubs and Flowers
Are you interested in adding trees to your Denver home? Evergreens are some of the best to thrive with Denver’s climate. Plus, they look beautiful all year long since they do not have leaves that will fall and look bare in the winter. For a pop of color, try adding an eastern redbud or maple tree. For shrubs, barberry is a classic look, while the red twig dogwood is a great option that will maintain color in the winter. For flowers, the dianthus, daisy, or poppy mallow are great options for Denver.

Stone Driveways
For the final touch to boost curb appeal for your home, add interlocking stones for your walkways and driveways. When these areas are uneven, not only can it be dangerous, but also difficult to manage during the winter months for shoveling snow. Stone pavers are a great solution that are solid—making it easy to maintain. Stone pavers for your driveway will increase your home’s curb appeal. They are also non-skid and non-slip for additional safety. You can work with a local company to find the right stones to match the overall look of your home’s appeal.

As you look for ways to improve the outside of your home, AMK Hardscapes can assist with your stone driveway. Our interlocking brick pavers will not crack, fade, or chip, making you feel confident in your investment. They are also flat, allowing you to easily shovel or blow the snow off during the winter. Learn more about the benefits of a Denver brick driveway paver and call us at 303-525-8601 today to get started on your home.