The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

In addition to bringing beauty and design to your home’s outdoor areas, lighting your patios and walkways serve several functional purposes as well. Have you considered installing outdoor lighting to your pavers, but are curious what kind of value—if any—it will bring? If so, you may be interested in the following benefits of landscape lighting that touch on both function and form:

Outdoor Security – Lighting deters prowlers by exposing areas where people could hide or any dark spots in your yard, thereby creating a feeling of comfort for you and guests who may be visiting, as well as a more relaxing environment in general. Once everyone has gone to bed, outdoor lighting can remain on for a specified period of time by using an inexpensive timer system, or you can manually control the lighting with a remote and turn lights on and off as needed from within the safety and comfort of your home. Now with smart home technology you can even set them to turn on and off automatically. Some lights even work with Alexa and Google Home to help keep your home safe. 

Outdoor Safety – No more tripping over your walkways and patios when arriving home after dark. Lighting makes your hardscaping safer, especially when lit from the side or below to alleviate the shadows that can obscure vision at night. It can even help you find icy patches to steer clear of when you get home. Eyebrow, niche, or pilaster lights enhance safety while also being visually appealing.

Extended Living Space – Though warm summer evenings are behind us for now, fully utilizing your outdoor spaces turn into a joy when lighting is involved. Not only does it add an artistic touch, it also gives you more reason to live and entertain outdoors, even after the sun has set. Using a variety of techniques and fixtures, a hardscape designer can create a stunning and inviting visual effect in and around your brick pavers.

Curb Appeal – Many of us find good lighting a hallmark of a warm and welcoming neighborhood. Lighting the brick pavers in front of your home shows that your property is well cared for and is an inviting gathering place for family and friends.

Boundary Marking – Illuminating your property lines is another benefit of lighting. You can add lights to existing shrubs, fences, or walkways that are used as a line of demarcation. Or, through a technique called photometrics, many overlapping lights can be installed to create a continuous wall or line to expose the edges of your yard. You can even lighting to accent your favorite spaces in your yard, like your new brick patio.
Lighting can be added to many different kinds of projects, from walkways and driveways to outdoor patios and entertainment areas. If you have a brick paver project in your future consider installing lighting as part of the project and please don’t hesitate to seek the quality advice, design, and installation services of AMK Hardscapes, your local Denver hardscape professionals. Contact us today to get started on your project.