Take Advantage of The Dry Weather and Prep Your Winter Garden

Planting flowers, tending to vegetables, outdoor maintenance… these are all tasks you commonly relate to for the spring and summer. But for many homeowners, they do these tasks in the cold for their winter gardens. There are a variety of plants and foods that can thrive throughout the coldest parts of the year. They also help to dress up bland yards that have trees and shrubs without leaves. Interested in the idea? Learn about the best plants, maintenance tips, and other winter outdoor enhancements you can make from your certified brick driveway installer.
Best Plants for a Winter Garden

There are a variety of plants ideal to plant in the winter, one of the top being winter cabbage. This type of cabbage can sustain itself in the cold thanks to their small size and hard heads. The trick to having these grow is to plant them in middle- to late-summer. Another great plant is the winter jasmine. Even the most beginner of skill level can handle this plant because it holds up so well! They are simplistic in appearance, with long sticks and small, yellow petals. Last is the cotoneaster. These are shrubs with green leaves and red or orange berries. The berries form in the fall and last throughout the winter for a gorgeous appearance! Try one of these best vegetables to grow in the winter for your own garden.

Maintenance Tips

When it comes to tending to your winter outdoor space, it is important to take a few precautions now that the cold temperature have set in. If you have any gentle potted plants on porches or back deck spaces, bring them in. The harsh weather can damage or even kill them. If you have anything you will be keeping outside, make sure to insulate it to help the soil survive the winter. Next, if you haven’t already, tidy your lawn. Rake any fallen leaves and pick up other debris. Be sure to do this if you have a small pond or body of water. If you have trees, don’t forget to wrap their base. This will help protect them from frost cracking. For the first hard freeze of the season, makes sure to add an additional layer of organic mulch. This will help with temperature maintenance throughout the winter too. Be sure to catch up on all fall and winter landscaping tips from your certified driveway installer.

Additional Outdoor Enhancements

There are other outdoor enhancements you can make to make your outdoor space shine this winter.

Hardscaping: Hardscaping is stone décor that you can add anywhere. It could be a barrier around an area, such as a fountain or flowerbed, or to highlight a tiered landscape in a backyard.
Driveways: If you have an old, cracking driveway, it is important to upgrade it—especially during the winter. Concrete driveways and walkways area also more difficult to shovel snow in. The crevices are easy to catch, sometimes even leading to an injury. Add a paving stone driveway that has a smooth surface and wonderful aesthetic appeal. Heated options are even available.

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