Summer 2016: Ideas for Your Landscaping and Denver Hardscaping

Summer is officially here! With the summer months come many nights spent outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather, lounging and relaxing. Whether you plan on spending more time enjoying your space or would like to increase the value of your home, use these tips to update your landscaping and Denver hardscaping.

Front Yard: The front of the home is the first impression, and the first thing you see each day as you come home. If you are looking to add dimension to your home, consider adding an elevated walkway to your steps. You can fill the space around the steps with gorgeous flowers and shrubs that add a pop of color. Speaking of color, if you are looking for an overhaul of your landscaping, why not consider making the front of your home colorful? Catmints are great perennials that are lavender or blue in color and return year after year.

Gloriosa daisies are another great choice, especially along the front of the home, as they have a gorgeous golden color and can grow up to 10 inches in height. For more ideas, Sunset’s “20 favorite perennial flowers” has a plethora of flowers that will help you bring some color to your landscaping! Moving past landscaping, you can truly create a front porch you’ll always want to spend time in. Add a few potted plants along the front of the porch, or hanging plants depending on your home’s design. To complement them, add seating such as rocking chairs, a comfy hanging swing or outdoor furniture that is weatherproof. It will create a great environment to read a book and enjoy the beauty of your neighborhood!

Back Yard: The back yard can definitely be the hot spot for the summer! With Denver having great weather for quite a bit of the year, consider adding some sort of a kitchen area or even a weatherproof spot perhaps on your deck with a refrigerator. This will allow you to keep drinks and snacks easily accessible for summer parties, gatherings or nights with the family. Second, spruce up your walkways by lining them with gorgeous plants, flowers, pavers or rocks. If you have a flat and plain backyard, consider adding a few trees or tall shrubs to give your space more life. Last, if you have a pool or hot tub, you can add plants and flowers around the space that make it more like a hotel retreat space.

Pavers: Denver pavers are a great way to add dimension to your front or back yard! Whether you need to update your path to your home, have a fire pit that you would like to place on a paved area, or would like to break up your yard with a few stations, pavers are the way to go. Replacing old and cracked concrete driveways and walkways with interlocking brick pavers will not only increase the value and appearance of your home, but they will be a great investment as they are non-skid, non-slip and will not fade. The blog “Benefits of Using Interlocking Bricks for your Denver Brick Pavement System” will help you decide if pavers are the route for you.To update your hardscaping, turn to AMK Hardscapes! We are locally owned and operated and can accommodate you to make your vision come true. Fill out a contact sheet to get started!