Preventing Pests from Hurting Your Landscaping and Pavers in Denver

Spring is an exciting season. The flowers are blossoming, trees are growing and plants are sprouting. It is also the key time throughout the year to give your lawn and landscaping a little TLC. When working on your projects in your lawn, there is one important aspect you can’t forget: pest prevention. By taking a few precautionary measures and preparing your landscaping and pavers in Denver this spring you can avoid these pests! Learn more about the different types of pests in Denver, landscaping and paver preventative tips and other landscaping to-ds to implement this spring.

Types of Pests in Denver
A common pest that you may come across this spring is the IPS beetle. These are small black or red/brown insects. They are attracted to pine and spruce trees, especially ones that are damaged or dying. IPS beetles will dig their way into the trees, sucking out nutrients along the way and worsening the trees condition. Another common pest you will see in Denver is the ash-lilac borer. This insect primarily feeds on ash trees and lilacs, but can also be found on other plants too. Similar to the IPS beetle, the ash-lilac borer thrives on ailing plants as well. They make their way to the lower trunk of the tree or plant which can hurt the tree. This is common in plants and trees that have been recently transported. You will notice you have an issue by noticing a ring of dust around the trunk of the tree, stunted growth and damaged branches. Another common pest is an aphid. These insects live on the sap from leaves which can be detrimental to trees.  

Landscaping and Paver Preventative Tips
With a variety of pests that can infiltrate your lawn, it is important to take precautionary measures and you work on your landscaping this spring. A top way to prevent damage from happening is using techniques and methods to stop them. Pesticides are one option, but for some people with children or animals, they want take another route that will not impact others. One way to keep bugs away is to keep your plants in premier shape. Since many insects thrive on ailing and dying plants and trees, you will want to make sure you keep your garden in premier shape. Another natural way to prevent pests is through different scents that will deter them. Find more ideas in HGTV’s “Controlling Aphids, Slugs and Snails.” When spraying pesticides, make sure you spray in between pavers. This will prevent insects from making their home around them. You can also spray weed killer so weeds to now sprout up around them.

Landscaping To-Dos
There are a few key things do this spring when it comes to your landscaping. First, make sure you remove old mulch and re-mulch with a coating that is one to two inches thick. Too much mulch will suffocate the plants. Also, be sure to leave room around the circumference of the base of the plant or tree. Next, you can use fertilizer in your lawn to help it recover from the harsh winter. Last, take some time to clean your pavers. If you do not have pavers but would like an addition to your landscaping, they are a great addition.

Be sure to check out more ways to bring your landscaping back to life after winter and incorporating Denver hardscaping. If you are ready to add pavers to your lawn, or upgrade your existing ones, AMK Hardscapes can help. Contact AMK Hardscapes today to get started on your project.