Pavers vs. Concrete: Why Choose Brick Driveways in Littleton over Concrete

From purchasing a new home and putting in a driveway, to fixing your existing arrangement, you have an important decision to make. Should you use concrete? Or brick pavers? Many do not think about brick pavers, yet it is an effective solution that will also help to boost curb appeal! As you weigh your options on brick driveways in Littleton, hardscaping experts can help. Learn more about the downsides of concrete, benefits of brick pavers, and reasons to hire a professional to get the job done.

Downsides of Concrete
Concrete is a material that consists of broken up stone, sand, cement, and water. It typically can be an inexpensive option, however, as you are designing the exterior of your home, your driveway is an investment decision that you should not take lightly. With the amount of snow the city gets, concrete does not hold up as well and may need repairs after the winter—or sooner. The snow, ice and other moisture can lead to cracking that you are not able to cover over. You can get an in depth understanding of how deicing salts and freeze-thaw cycles can destroy your driveway in this article. Also, concrete is a material that can stain easily, so if you plan to work or spend time on your driveway, you will need to use caution or avoid certain liquids on the surface.

Benefits of Brick Pavers
The perfect alternative to a concrete driveway is to install brick pavers. When choosing interlocking paving stones, you can rely on your pavers standing up to the harsh winters. Brick will not crack, fade or chip the way other materials such as concrete will. This is ideal for those who live in Denver due to the snow in the winter. Also, with their beautiful appearance, you will be guaranteed to boost curb appeal. In addition, brick pavers are flexible. Why is this important? The ground and soil can shift. It is important for pavers to be flexible along with the changes in your ground. Last, going back to Denver’s winters, they have a much smoother surface than concrete. This will help you to easily shovel away snow and save you time.

Reasons to Hire a Professional
As you make the decision to upgrade your driveway, or install one in a new home, make sure you are using a professional to do the job. It is a beneficial expense as you will ensure the job is done right and efficiently. Often times, homeowners take on a lot of projects on their own. When issues and problems arise, what was a small and simple project can become costly. In addition, when using a professional, you can also invest in a warranty. This way, you will have a guarantee if there are any issues with your brick pavers.

To help you properly install a brick paver driveway, AMK Hardscapes is the perfect place to handle the job. As a locally owned company that has certified installers by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, we will ensure your brick pavers are installed properly and to your high expectations. Be sure to read our Denver paver hardscaping tips for driveway maintenance once you have your new pavers installed. To get started on your project, call us today at 303-525-8601.