Paver Driveways for Your Denver Home

Elegant paver driveways are becoming more and more popular in Denver now that residents are learning their benefits. They are not only beautiful, but durable and economical as well. Our Denver Hardscaping team can help you design a driveway that adds curb appeal, is environmentally friendly, and will be having your neighbors asking where they can get theirs. If you are thinking of putting your home on the market, consider that your driveway sets the tone for the entire property. This New York Times article explains why driveway design deserves as much attention when getting your home Market Ready as the rest of the house, if not more.

Financial Benefits
Anything that add curb appeal is going to increase the value of your home. Replacing a cracked and stained slab of concrete is going to immediately dress up the front of your house. Pavers create a stronger driveway than poured concrete and are certainly sturdier than gravel or dirt. They are also more economical over time because if they do develop a crack it is easy to replace just one or two pavers versus having the whole driveway redone. Many make the mistake of thinking that pavers are much more expensive than concrete. While it’s true that the initial costs can be a mere 10-15% higher, the cost of maintenance over time is actually much lower than with concrete.

Unparalleled Durability
Pavers require very little maintenance to keep them looking good. Sweeping regularly and occasionally, some hosing off will go a long way. It is estimated that over a 5 year period, even in full sun, their color will only shift about 2%. It is also provides a non-slip and non-skid surface that can stand up to all kinds of weather. Worried about your snow shovel catching in the crevices or scratching your pavers? Our interlocking stones provide a perfectly flat surface that only creates an illusion of great depth so that is not a problem at all. They are also scratch resistant.

Environmental Benefits
Unlike Concrete, our pavers are somewhat porous which means that when water falls on cement it rolls of and is mostly wasted in the gutter. When rain or snow collects on pavers it is partially absorbed and partially allowed to pass through back into the ground to be used for planetary cooling and for the benefit of plants and trees. Concrete also magnifies heat back onto the house causing higher air conditioning bills in the summer. Pavers on the other hand reflect very little heat making them ideal for not only driveways, but patios as well.

Pavers are available in a wide array of colors and shapes giving the home owner ultimate flexibility to create just the look they are going for. You aren’t boxed into symmetrical, straight lines. Circles and spirals or mosaic inlays are quite popular. You are only limited by your imagination. Interesting shapes give your eye a spot to wander and gives your front yard an eye catching element. Check out our gallery of completed paver projects for some inspiration.

Call our paver experts at 303-525-8601 today for a consultation and quote. Spring is the perfect time to give your drive way a makeover! We can help you measure and give you pointers so that your DIY driveway project will go smoothly or we can do all the work. You can sit back and enjoy a glass of lemonade and watch the magic happen and rest assured that it will get done to last the first time. Read what our satisfied hardscape customers are saying here!