Outdoor Spring Cleaning: Tips for Cleaning Your Pavers in Denver

When handling your spring cleaning for the season, do not forget to leave out your landscaping and hardscaping. In just an afternoon’s worth of work, you can make some small changes to spruce up your lawn and give your outdoor space a face-lift. Learn more about tips to clean your pavers, maintain your driveway and landscaping clean-up tips.

Cleaning Your Pavers
It is beneficial to clean pavers once or twice a year to keep them in great shape. A few weeks before you are scheduled to clean your pavers, take the time to pull any weeds that are growing on or around them. Next, it is important to treat the area with weed killer to prevent additional growth of weeds this summer. When you are ready to get started, take a rake, broom and garbage bag and pick up any debris that are around your pavers. Following that, you can take a scrub brush and scrub the grout to get any dirt that has embedded into it. Next, find the cleaner that best works with your pavers. You can speak with your local hardscaping company on the best solution. Using the solution, you can use a large brush to scrub your pavers after you saturate them. You can also use a power washer after to remove debris and soap.

Maintaining Your Driveway
Your driveway is a staple and first impression to the outside of your home. It is not only important to make sure it is clean, but also that any pieces that are falling apart are fixed. Like the treatments for pavers, you can work to pull any weeds growing out of the sides of your driveway and spray a weed killer to reduce or eliminate growth. If your driveway has oil stains, you can lay sawdust over it and let it sit over it for a day or two. This will help to soak up the grease. Cat litter can also work too. Once those two steps are done, sweep your driveway then wash using a brush or power washer and solution. When washing away the soap, make effort to avoid getting them in the grass and plants next to it. If any pieces of your driveway are broken or falling apart, you can work with a hardscaping company to fix the cracks or replace broken pavers.

Landscaping Clean-Up Tips
When keeping up with your landscaping, it is important to go through your lawn to pick up any debris laying around. Next, go around and pull any weeds and dandelions growing in your yard. Following this, spray a weed killer in your lawn to avoid growth in this area too. Have pests or animals that spend time eating plants in your garden? Find a repellent that keeps them away. Going back to your lawn, you can take a rake to help get any remaining debris out of your lawn. For more tips on outdoor maintenance, visit The Spruce’s Spring Cleaning for Lawns and Landscaping.
If you are looking for more tips for your spring outdoor cleaning, check out these Denver hardscaping tips for your front yard. For any questions about your existing pavers, or if you are considering adding new ones, AMK Hardscapes can help. Our interlocking pavers will not crack, fade or chip. Contact AMK Hardscapes today to get started with your spring projects.