Outdoor Ideas and DIY Projects from your Denver Hardscaping Company

It’s that time of the year again; time to spend more time in outdoors! One of the best things about spring and summer is the quality time you can spend in your outdoor space. Many love to take on new projects and make changes or addition to your space. Are you up for the task? From landscaping and patio ideas to pavers, try some of these DIY projects from your Denver hardscaping company.

Spring, the time where you give your lawn and landscaping a little TLC to recover from the harsh winter, is the ideal time to add features you’ve been thinking about. By adding in some new features or plants, you will help to boost the curb appeal and value of your home. First, before you care for your landscaping and remulch, take time to remove old plants you no longer want and research what you would like to add. Not sure what to add but want to plant something new? Try some of Better Homes and Gardens’ No-Fail Perennials of the Mountain West. Next, consider adding a water feature. You can find ways to create one yourself, or you can visit your local hardware or home goods store and find the perfect addition. Last, consider some décor. You can find small garden features, such as statues or rocks, to complement the other areas of the yard.

What is more relaxing than enjoying a nice cold beverage on an outdoor couch or hammock? It’s time to step up your outdoor relaxing game! Today, you can purchase weather-resistant outdoor chairs, chaises, tables and more. It’s perfect to add under an awning or umbrella to help shield you from the sun. Have a couple trees? Invest in a hammock! These are one of the best ways to get quality relaxing in and add character to your yard. Another great feature to add to a backyard lounging space is a kitchen. You can add something as small as a grill and serving table, or a large arrangement with an oven/stove, cabinets, workspace, refrigerator and more. This is perfect for those who spend many nights during the summer entertaining.

Patios through Hardscaping
If you do not have a patio, you can utilize brick pavers to construct a small area. You can add one to the side of your home close to a back door, out in the open which can be great for a fire pit, or just around some general landscaping. When managing your own pavers, be sure to take into consideration these Denver paver hardscaping and mistakes to avoid. Interlocking pavers are a great addition to your yard as they will not crack, fade or chip.

Are you looking to add more hardscaping to the front or back of your home? For the projects you need an expert for, AMK Hardscapes can help. As a certified interlocking concrete pavement installer, you can count on us to handle any of your hardscaping needs. We can help you with a variety of projects that will make your outdoors space the talk of the neighborhood (in a good way!). Check out our project gallery and contact AMK Hardscapes today to get started on your spring projects.