Outdoor Hardscaping and Brick Pavers in Littleton Design Trends

How to Select the Best Hardscape Design for your Home

Even though spring 2018 isn’t until March 20, now is a great time to start planning for upgrades to your landscaping, hardscaping, and brick pavers in Littleton. When you are ahead of the game, you have time to buy things here and there when they are on sale, and work with your local hardscaping company for your additional needs. Use this guide for inspiration for adding bricks, sprucing up your gardens, and how to liven up your porch or patio!

Bricks and Patterns
Adding brick pavers is an excellent way to add charm and character to the walkways and driveway of your home. This will especially help your house the shining star on the block if your neighbors all have concrete. In fact, did you know there are many downsides of concrete? It is more prone to cracking and damage, leading you to keep reinvesting in it to maintain its quality. With brick pavers, you can work with your local hardscaping company to find beautiful patterns and colors that not only won’t crack, fade or chip, but are also non-skid and non-slip! This added safety precaution is extremely beneficial. Plus, they do not have any rough surfaces around the joints, allowing you to shovel snow or brush dirt and debris with ease. You can use a mixture of colors to bring diversity to your walkways, or you can keep it simple with a shade of red or blue. When it comes to brick paver design options, your options are endless.

When it comes to mixing things up for your garden, there is much you can do—even on a budget. One way to add life and character is to install a raised plant bed. You can accomplish this through hardscaping. Through an addition of stones, you can lift up the space where you can try adding any of these 21 spring flowers for your garden. If you have a large garden, you can also add brick pavers to create a walkway through your newly upgraded space. This can also help you when performing routine maintenance, so you are not accidently stepping on your plants and flowers.

Porches and Patios
Upgrading your porch or patio will give your home’s curb appeal a little TLC. Give it added charm by painting your shutters or door. Pair that with a color flower display that gives a welcoming feel. Consider adding hardscaping around the base of your porch, which will give it an upscale appearance that also may increase your home’s value. For patios, brick pavers are the way to go. They add charm unlike any other construction. From here, find outdoor furniture that pairs with your décor scheme along with a fire pit. This will become the perfect place to spend your cool spring and summer evenings.

Whether you are ready to install brick pavers around your home, or incorporate hardscaping, AMK Hardscapes has you covered. We will give your home the upgrades it needs as we near spring. Get started and call us today at 303-525-8601 to schedule an appointment.