Outdoor Gardening Tips and Incorporating Denver Pavers

Gardening is a great hobby for several reasons, it’s relaxing, calming and you receive the fruits of your labor. It is a great feeling to be able to grow your own vegetables and/or fruits that you can eat. Learn the benefits an outdoor garden and how you can incorporate Denver pavers into your gardening project.

Benefits of a Garden: As many people know, fresh veggie and fruit are the key to a healthy lifestyle. If you have a green thumb and the space in your backyard, why not cultivate your own garden! A garden can be whatever you want to make it. From a couple plants to a designated area in your backyard, you can design your garden to fit your lifestyle. By growing your own fruits and vegetables, you will save money and time when shopping at the grocery store. Also, when having your own garden, the produce will be fresh and free from pesticides and coating waxes – which is a plus.

Garden Planning: When planning your garden, it is great to have a fresh rotation of crops while you can. Once finding fruits and vegetables you would like to grow, always keep planting. What should you plant? Go with green vegetables in the early spring and heat-friendly items such as peppers and eggplant in the warmer months. As some plants grow, you will get into a routine and will always have something fresh from your garden! If you are completely new to gardening and haven’t tested out your green thumb yet, start small so you aren’t overwhelmed. Here are a few quick starter tips from the Old Farmer’s Almanac on where, how and when to grow a vegetable garden, they explain to put your garden somewhere that will get at least six hours of direct light. Also, use good soil that will give your garden the nutrients it needs. Next, space out your vegetables and last, use high quality seeds. Read the guide for more advice for the perfect garden!
Design and Pavers: In addition to needing soil, you will need a few other features in your garden area. First, if you do not have a walkway to your garden, pavers are a great addition! You can create a pathway from where you may store essentials to easily make it to your garden. Next, you will need to build a plant bed. You can build in-ground, raised or sunken beds. Wood or pavers are the perfect way to keep soil in for your newly added garden.

Whether you need Denver pavers to complement your new gardening project, or would like to revamp your outdoor space, AMK Hardscapes can help! Our interlocking brick paver design options are great for driveways, decks, patios, gazebos, trellises, walkways and more. Learn about the base materials in brick paver systems and what types may be best for you. When ready to get started, fill out our contact form.  We will help create the perfect outdoor space for your garden or back yard patio!