New Service: Repairing Your Old Deck With Brick Pavers

Here at AMK we are proud to always stay on the cutting edge of the hardscape industry and we strive to provide innovative new solutions for common problems. One of our new services involves placing brick pavers on top of an existing outdoor deck system.

We are partnering with a construction and engineering company to remodel and reinvent decks by putting brick pavers on top of a deck system.

If you have an old or rotting deck that is in need of repair and that you are tired of maintaining the traditional way, consider installing brick pavers over your existing deck. Brick pavers are durable, attractive and we can customize them in any way you would like. This new solution works for any kind of deck, no matter the level or size, and also includes waterproofing and drainage solutions.

Summer is officially here – don’t let your fun in the sun slip away because of an old, unmaintained outdoor deck. Our experienced brick paver professionals will repair your existing deck and give it a whole new look so you can enjoy the months (and years) ahead. Give us a call today at 303-525-8601.