Laying Pavers over Your Existing Denver Patio or Deck

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Have you grown tired of the constant maintenance that a wood deck requires or the spider web of cracks expanding across your concrete patio further and further every season? We don’t want you to think you’re stuck with your existing outdoor hardscaping simply because you don’t want the headache of tearing out the existing structure. AMK Hardscapes’ professional staff can give your local Denver patios & decks the face lift you are looking for without the hassle and expense of removing what is already there.

Pavers over a Wood Deck

Pavers over a wood deck

The first thing to remember is that adding pavers over an existing wood frame is going considerably to increase the weight it’s carrying. In order to support the weight of the pavers, you must consider the span of the deck joists. More joists may need to be added. If any rot is present, that piece of wood will need to be replaced before the pavers can be installed. In order to last, the wood must be in tip top shape even though we would likely install some additional support and drainage solutions.

Can Pavers Be Installed Over Concrete?

Can pavers be installed over concrete?

If your concrete patio has some surface cracks or chips, it’s not a problem. If there are cracks that have been expanding, it could signal a foundation issue which will need to be addressed if you’re going to install a paver patio that will last. If you’re reading this wondering, ‘Can pavers be installed over concrete? The simple answer is, eyes!

Drainage is generally the biggest issue when adding pavers to a concrete patio. Pavers are engineered to allow water to drain through to the soil underneath. If the concrete slab has drainage issues this will be a problem. The slab must be properly sloped and graded. If you’ve noticed long standing puddles on the patio after rain or snow runoff, this issue will likely need to be corrected before paver installation can begin. Generally, a drainage layer of 1″ bedding sand will need to be placed under the pavers to alleviate this problem. The experts at AMK Hardscapes have the knowledge and tool to complete all steps of adding pavers to a concrete patio, including leveling your foundation. 

Installing Pavers Over a Driveway

Installing Pavers Over a Driveway

Pavers can also be installed over a concrete or asphalt driveway. As with the patio, installing pavers over a concrete driveway also requires the concrete to be in reasonably good shape with proper drainage. The pavers can be laid either with or without mortar. If no mortar is used, the pavers will rest on a bed of course sand, that has been compacted. Proper foundation is essential to support the weight of vehicles. The AMK Hardscapes team takes safety seriously which is why we warranty our workmanship and labor for 10 years. Additionally, the paving stones we use hold a lifetime product guarantee against breaking and cracking!

Pavers Around Pools

pavers around pool

Pavers can even be used for renovating a pool deck without removing an old cracked concrete deck. Our expert team can install pavers round your pool to rejuvenate your space and ensure that it is meeting proper drainage and safety standards. Updating your Denver patio with patio pavers is a fantastic idea to give your pool deck a face lift!

Denver Patios & Denver Decks

There is no end to the style of renovation you can accomplish when adding patio pavers to your Denver patio or Denver deck. Call AMK Hardscapes at (303)-525-8601 today to speak with one of our talented design consultants about creating the patio, deck, pool, or driveway that you have always wanted.

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We’ll check out your existing setup to see if it meets the safety requirements for a paver cover up, or if it will need to be replaced. Dave yourself the hassle and unexpected expenses of a DIY project and let our experts professionally tackle your patio paver project from start to finish. Our paver decks are made to last a lifetime and will adding lasting value to your property! Contact us today to have your dream Denver patio or deck installed!