Landscaping and Pavers in Denver Installation Safety Tips

As you work through your landscaping and pavers in Denver installation this spring, safety should be a top priority. Many rush through jobs unprepared and it can lead to pain after. As you ramp up for your work, make sure you are prepared to handle the task. From tool safety and protective clothing to technique and form, make sure you are prepared by using these safety tips.

Tool Safety
Whether you are a skilled landscaper or are preparing for your first home, it is important to know your tools. Take some time beforehand to review manuals and know exactly how the tools work. For any tools with blades, make sure the blades are sharp. If they aren’t, sharpen them first. Having a dull blade can be dangerous. If you have any equipment that malfunctions mid-use, before fixing the problem make sure the machine is turned off and unplugged if there is an outlet. Failure to do so could lead to a severe injury if the machine comes back on. When using power tools such as chainsaws, never lift the machine over your head. The weight and power can increase the risk for an accident. Make sure you are also aware of cords so you do not trip over them or accidently cut into them with tools. Also, if you plan on digging in your yard, make sure you call your utility locator to ensure that you do not dig into any important lines.

Clothing and Protective Wear
As you work on your landscaping and pavers installation, make sure you are wearing the proper clothing. When working outside, make sure you do not wear clothing that is too baggy and will catch on machines. When working with power tools and other machinery, use protective gears such as goggles and gloves. This will help protect you from anything that flies off and could hit you in the eye. Gloves are important to not only protect you from blades, but also from anything that you touch. From thorns to poison ivy, you can never be too careful. In addition, if working during the day, make sure you apply sunscreen. Even if it is cool outside, you can still get a sunburn.

Working outside in your yard is physical work. You can count on getting your workout in that day just by the work you are doing! It doesn’t hurt to warm up before you get to work. Stretch your arms, legs and backs by holding stretches for around 30 seconds each. When picking up large objects, always remember to lit with your legs and not your back. Keep items close to you as you lift. Also, be sure to trade off on sides when working so you do not overwork one side. If at any point you feel pain when doing a task—stop so you do not injure yourself. You may need to take a momentary break to reset and make sure you use proper form.

For more tips, be sure to read The Spruce’s “Yard Safety Tips.” Once your landscaping is complete, be sure to use these outdoor gardening tips and incorporating Denver pavers. If you are in need of installing pavers to go along with your landscaping, AMK Hardscapes can help. Contact AMK Hardscapes today to coordinate your next project.