Install Denver Pavers to Enjoy in the Summer and to Rest Easy in the Winter

Denver pavers are a beautiful addition to home to increase value and utilize during the warmer months. However, by installing pavers this summer, you will also thank yourself in the winter too as they have many advantages. With summer in full swing, here are some reasons to consider this option for your home.

Aesthetics and Summer Benefits: Installing pavers and hardscaping outside your home is a beautiful addition. Not only does it increase the value of your home, but also adds curb appeal. Over the summer, it is great to have pavers and hardscaping in place for gatherings and workspace outdoors. It is the perfect complement to beautiful landscaping that creates walkways and additional areas at your home. Also, with the addition of pavers, that is less grass you have to mow! Maintaining pavers in the summer is much quicker and easier than lawn maintenance and will not add much time to your landscaping routine. In fact, it may reduce time. Sweep them often and then for routine cleanings, you can use a power washer and rotary cleaner. Get more ideas on how to clean your patio and pavers!
Winter Benefits: By installing interlocking pavers during the summer, you will really thank yourself in the cold months for the benefits they have. They are constructed of a heavy-duty material that will hold up to the harsh weather that winter brings. When spring rolls around, you can rest assured the rain, ice and snow will not be affected and chip and break. Plus, they are easy to manage over the winter as well. Interlocking pavers are consistent in size and are installed on a flat surface. This matters for you because you will be able to use your shovels and snow blowers over them without worrying about those tools catching on the pavers. You will be able to quickly remove the snow and have a safe surface to walk on.
Overall Interlocking Paver Benefits: All year long, interlocking pavers are great because they are non-skid and non-slip to ensure you, your family and guests can safely walk around the space. Whether you just install it for your driveway and walkway, it is also great for large back patio areas as well. With this type of paver, it is ideal to have a material that holds up to the every day demands and will not crack or wear easily. With it being four times stronger than concrete and 10 times stronger than asphalt, this is a great choice to hold up for years to come. Also, interlocking pavers work with shifting soil and are flexible, so if there are small changes in your area, interlocking pavers allow the soil to settle.

Learn about all of the different types of Denver pavers and a comparison of interlocking models compared to other commonly used hardscaping solutions. When ready to kick off your hardscaping and paver installation, AMK Hardscapes has you covered. As Denver’s premier interlocking paving stone installer that proudly serves our community, we will create the solution to best fit your home that you will be happy with for years to come. Fill out a contact form to get started.