Integrate your Brick Paver Hardscape with your Landscape Design

Your brick paver hardscape design should go hand in hand with your property’s landscape design. The two should complement each other and flow easily from hardscape to landscape. By coordinating your hardscaping with your landscaping, you can create a great environment that provides perfect curb appeal. In fact, it can raise the value of your home, which will be extremely beneficial if you ever decide to sell!

Integrate Brick Paver Hardscape with Landscape

Here are a few tips for coordinating your landscaping with your hardscaping:

Colorful Flowers

Pair various shades of red brick pavers with vibrant flower colors for a bright and happy look!

Popular (and colorful!) perennial flowers in Denver include:

  • The Aster, which has a rose-purple-like color that resembles the daisy.
  • The Beardtongue, which are tall vertical drought-tolerant flowers that grow in a very vibrant purple shade.
  • The Alyssum, a popular choice that consists of a golden yellow color. It pairs particularly well with red brick pavers.

PROTIP: Perennials bloom each year which make them a great one-time investment and reduce gardening maintenance.


Hardscaping and fencing go hand in hand. Often, various types of hardscaping are positioned along a pathway or brick walkway, which a fence can surround. One of the latest trends in fencing is to create a long horizontal slat in white or dark colors. To create contrast, if you have white fencing, you can choose dark pavers or, if you have dark fencing, lighter color pavers can complement each other well. Depending how close your pavers are to your fence, you may want to play with colors combinations. Work with the experienced team at AMK Hardscapes, your Denver hardscaping company, to find a color scheme that works well for you.

Spaced Out Pavers

Some commerical property and homeowners are playing with the traditional design layout of brick pavers.

  • Some are choosing to leave one or two blank spaces to plant flowers in place of where a paver would traditionally go.
  • Another recent hardscaping trend is to space out brick pavers within your grass lawn to create a cool, geometric effect. Wondering what this looks like? Check out these examples of using grass between brick pavers from It truly provides a unique look, whether it is in a pathway leading up to your house, or in the back yard, possibly as a brick paver pool deck.

Many that go this untraditional route also use a special type of grass that requires little maintenance. Overall, this option can save you time in the long run and give your outdoor space a truly unique look!

Islands of Plants

Do you have a large front or backyard? Consider creating an island of plants and small trees surrounded by pavers. Some homeowners will even create a brick driveway surrounding a plant and tree island. The combination of the pavers and colors of the plants and trees can really make a statement.

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