How to Protect Pavers in Denver From Weeds

There’s nothing more annoying than seeing several tiny, green weeds rear their ugly heads through the cracks of your newly installed pavers. But, is it possible to have pavers in Denver without weeds sprouting up through the cracks? Of course! Here’s how to protect your pavers from weeds:

Sweep regularly.
Get in the habit of sweeping your pavers are on a regular basis to ensure you brush away any seedlings that may have settled down in the area. If you already have weeds beginning to settle between the cracks that are not yet visible, frequently sweeping over them can severely damage them so they don’t continue to grow upwards.

Remove existing weeds.
If you already have started to see weeds come up through the cracks, don’t panic. First, pull out any big weeds with your hands and dispose of them. Try to pull the entire root out of the ground so the weed does not immediately grow back. Then, pressure wash the area thoroughly to remove any small weeds and roots that remain underneath the surface. After you have pressure washed, either use standard weed killer you can buy at a local hardware store or use a natural product such as white vinegar to keep the weeds from growing back. Learn more about how to kill weeds between patio paving stones.

Keep it dry.
Weeds tend to grow in cool, wet areas, so keep your pavers as dry as possible to prevent weed growth. Obviously, there’s no way for you to control the weather, but you can make sure water does not flow into this area in other ways. For example, if you have gutters that are draining directly onto the pavers, ask a roofing professional to adjust direction of the flow so it doesn’t empty onto your pavers. If your pavers are at the end of a small slope or hill in your yard, make sure water is not draining from the higher areas down to the pavers. You should also turn on the sprinklers to see if your pavers are being unnecessarily watered by your irrigation system. Try to eliminate as many sources of water as possible to prevent weeds from growing in between your beautiful Denver pavers.

Choose the right company.
When pavers are properly installed, weeds are less likely to grow—although it is always a possibility even when the pavers are laid perfectly. Take your time when you choose a paving company in Denver to install your pavers so you can ensure you are receiving the best service possible. Look at online reviews to see what other customers have said about them and ask for photos of their prior work. Choosing a reliable company can save you a lot of time in maintenance and repairs down the road, so this is an important step.

Now that you know how to fight back against weeds, are you ready to install pavers for a more beautiful yard? Call AMK Hardscapes, the premier interlocking paving stone installer, for help finding the perfect pavers for your home and garden. Contact us today to get started on your yard’s transformation!