How to Prepare Your Yard for The Colder Months Using Brick Pavers in Cherry Hills

With fall in full swing, now is the time to start making your plans for your lawn, landscaping, driveways, and pathways for the colder months. By making changes now, you will be able to save your investments you have made to your property during the winter. To prepare, make sure you know more about watering and winterization, cleaning and maintenance, and the benefits of brick paver installation in Cherry Hills.

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Watering and Winterization

Properly watering your lawn during the fall is key for your lawn and landscaping to survive the winter. You will need to water your lawn until temperatures are consistently below 40 degrees. Be sure to water your lawn in the morning or early afternoon to ensure there is proper time for water to soak into the soil. If waiting until later in the day, the water could remain stagnant on top of grass blades which may lead to mold growth. Next, make sure to have a plan in place to winterize your sprinkler systems. This is the process which removes all water from sprinklers, to ensure your pipes don’t crack and break—a costly fix. While you will not need to do this until later into the fall, begin to make your plans now to avoid catastrophe.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Throughout the fall months, it is important to rake your lawn as leaves fall. Any leaves that are left on the ground can gather together over time and acquire dew which may begin mold growth. You will also need to continue to mow your grass throughout the fall. Once you near the end of the mowing season, be sure to put your mower blades on a lower level. This will help grass blades receive more sunlight and keep them healthy during the winter. Be sure to also fertilize your lawn during fall. This will help ensure your landscaping makes it through the winter. Fall is a great time to wash your siding and find places to store outdoor furniture for the winter.

Installing Brick Pavers

Late summer and early fall is an ideal time to install brick pavers outside your home or commercial property. Interlocking paving stones add an aesthetic appeal unlike no other, yet also have very beneficial functional purposes too which can increase the value of your home or property. First, brick pavers are low maintenance and will not crack, fade, or chip. They also make winter maintenance a breeze. Pavers have a single smooth surface that is easy to shovel snow on. (Or install a heated brick driveway and never shovel again!) They are non-skid and non-slip to help add a safety factor to your home. They also have joints in between the pavers to help them from cracking due to cold temperatures. Read more about why using interlinking paving stones can improve your home or property value.

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