How to Create Kid-Friendly Outdoor Spaces With Pavers in Denver

If you have kids, you know what a struggle it is to pull them away from the TV, computer, and their smartphone in order to get them to enjoy the great outdoors. Well, one way to make it a little easier is by creating a kid-friendly outdoor space that your children won’t be able to resist. Here’s how you can create the space of your kids’ dream using pavers in Denver:

Safety first.
If you have a pool in your backyard, it’s important to use a non-slip material around its perimeter to ensure your kids can have fun without hurting themselves. Pavers are the perfect choice for the area around your pool since they are not damaged by water and are naturally non-slip.

Create a giant chessboard.
If you really want to go above and beyond for your kids’ outdoor space, create a chessboard in your backyard using two different colors of pavers. Then, go online and find a giant chess set that you can set up on each of the squares on your new board. Even if kids don’t like playing chess indoors, they’ll love the fun and excitement of playing on a giant chessboard. See more about giant chess sets here.

Grow a secret garden.
Kids love exploring secret spots or hiding in these quiet areas during a game of hide and seek with their friends, so why not grow a secret garden surrounded by pavers? Use pavers to create a pathway to the garden, and then work with your hardscaping professional to design a border that surrounds this secret space.

Set up tents.
If you have pavers laid down in your outdoor patio, this is the perfect spot to set up tents so your kids can go camping in your backyard.  Pavers provide a flat surface for your tent, so it’s much easier to pitch the tent and get everyone settled on pavers than it would be on grass. Plus, if your kids are camping on the patio, you can keep a close eye on them without ever having to leave your home.

Get them involved.
If your kids love to flex their creative muscles, get them involved with the design of the pavers. Hardscaping companies allow you to create intricate, unique designs using different colors of pavers, so let your kids have a say in what you decide. If they feel proud about the finished product, they will probably spend more time in the outdoors to admire their work.

Design a hopscotch court.
Use contrasting colors of pavers to create a small hopscotch court for your kids to play on outside. Although traditional hopscotch courts have numbered squares, you don’t need to add numbers in order for your kids to have fun. Simply create the shape of a court with pavers, and let your kids’ imagination do the rest.

Are you ready to install pavers to make a kid-friendly space in your yard? Call AMK Hardscapes, the premier interlocking paving stone installer in Denver, for help finding the perfect, on-trend pavers that will complement your home. Contact us today to get started on your property’s transformation!