How to Choose Colors For Your Denver Pavers

Have you decided to use Denver pavers to add dimension and character to your yard? Choosing pavers is a smart choice, but making this decision is just the first step in the process. Now, it’s time to determine which color or designs will look best in your yard. Here’s what you should consider before making the final decision:
Look at it under different light.
Remember that pavers you see in a store may look different when put under natural light, so you should never make a decision until you take a sample outside to view it in the sunlight. This is the light you and your family will end up seeing the pavers under once they’re installed in your yard, so this is an important step of the process.

Where are you installing pavers? If the area gets a lot of sunlight, you need to take heat into consideration when choosing a color. Dark colors absorb more heat than lighter colors, so if you walk across dark pavers while barefoot, you might hurt the bottoms of your feet. That’s why it’s always recommended you choose a lighter shade of pavers for the area around your pool since you most likely will not be wearing shoes if you plan on going swimming.

Match it to your roof.
If you don’t feel like putting a lot of energy into choosing a unique paver color, just choose a color that matches your roof. Many hardscaping professionals recommend homeowners use this strategy when picking pavers because it visually ties the different elements of the home together and creates a more cohesive look.

Determine the atmosphere.
What kind of tone are you trying to set with your pavers? If you’re laying the pavers down around a peaceful spot in your backyard, think about using neutral tones that won’t stand out or distract from the tranquil atmosphere. However, if you want to lay pavers down around a family gathering area on your porch, you may want to create a more welcoming, lively atmosphere with your pavers. Consider using two different shades of pavers, one neutral and one bold, to create a fun, unique pattern. Ask your hardscaping professional whether they have any designs they can show you so you can start to envision how you want the finished project to look.

Dry and wet.
When pavers get wet, they tend to look a few shades darker, so it’s recommended that you take a sample home so you can see how it looks when wet. You have to be comfortable with the color of your wet pavers, otherwise you won’t be happy every time you look out the window during a rainstorm. This is especially important if you are laying down pavers around a pool since they will be wet every time the pool is being used. Learn how to create safe swimming pool decks with pavers.

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