Hardscape Design Ideas For Your Yard – Big or Small!

Hardscape Design Ideas For Your Yard - Big or Small!

When considering ideas for what you want your custom brick paver hardscape to look like, make sure to take into account the surrounding area as well as the style of your home. Too few textures and colors can make for a boring and lifeless hardscape project, but too many can make it busy and cluttered looking. Find a balance by choosing around two or three different materials that work with your space and your sense of style.

To really make your outdoor space special, consider adding a custom feature such as a fire pit, fountain, or make the most of a large space by breaking it up into separate areas. Even the space on the side of your house may seem like a simple utilitarian passageway, but it’s also an opportunity to create an attractive brick paver walkway going to and from your beautiful garden or backyard.

If you have a smaller backyard, opt for a slightly above ground brick paver patio. It will help make your yard feel larger and more expansive. It’s also a practical design if you have a problem with mud or puddles in your backyard.

Scroll through our gallery for ideas for the perfect hardscape designs for your home. AMK installs custom brick paver driveways, walkways and patios and we take priced in working with you to execute your vision for your outdoor space. With thoughtful design and solid construction, your yard can become a great multi-purpose space for entertainment and relaxation. The brick paver experts at AMK Construction will walk you through planning and designing the perfect outdoor space for your home, big or small.