Fall and Winter Landscaping Tips from Your Certified Driveway Installer

Can you believe it is almost winter? While the cold months are settling in, now is the time to finish up your landscaping to-do list for the season. Learn more about watering and aerating your lawn, top ways to ensure your plants and trees survive the winter, and tips for driveways and walkways from your certified driveway installer.

Watering and Aerating Your Lawn
Until temperatures are consistently 40 degrees or below, it is important to continue watering your lawn. Always water your grass in the morning to give it ample time to seep into the soil. When watering at night without the sun, it will pool on grass blades and can be detrimental to your lawns survival, especially in cases of unexpected freezes. As cooler temperatures settle in, you may need to mow your grass less, but it is still important to continue. Once you get to your last couple mows for the season, be sure to keep your mower on the lowest setting so grass blades are short. Last, aerating your lawn before winter will aid in its survival. This is a simple process of adding holes throughout the soil, allowing it to get more airflow. This also helps fertilizer and treatments to infiltrate the soil as well.

Ensure Plants and Trees are Healthy
Did you know you need to mulch your landscaping in the fall? By removing old mulch and adding new, it will help to provide key nutrients your trees and plants throughout the winter. When adding new mulch, always add an organic option. Wondering “what the best natural mulch for my garden?” It depends on what you are looking to accomplish, but overall, pine straw, hardwood bark mulch and hay are some great options. Make sure you fertilize your plants and trees before winter, and when applying mulch, leave part of the circumference around the base of the tree or plant open to allow for air.

Driveways and Walkways
What would you say the condition of your driveway is in? What about walkways around your home? If they are in poor condition, fall is the perfect time to make upgrades. When you have smooth surfaces this makes it easier to shovel or snow blow in the winter as they will not catch onto the joints or on cracked or exposed areas. Plus, when you install brick pavers, you can feel confident that you are making an investment that will last. They do not crack, fade, or chip, and are available in over 50 different colors, shapes, and patterns. You can also learn more about enhancing your home with hardscaping and brick walkways in Denver, too.

As you prepare to do your final outdoor maintenance tasks this fall, AMK Hardscapes will assist in installing a new driveway or upgrade walkways. Our brick pavers are durable and installed by Certified Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute Installers. They are a leading resource for education and training for segmental pavement contractors. This upgrade will also help to increase the overall value of your home, too. To get started to see how we can help with your outdoor hardscaping needs, contact us today at 303-525-8601.