Enhanced Patios and Walkways Using Brick Pavers in Denver

One of the best ways to beef up your home’s curb appeal and make it one of the best on the block is through enhanced patios and walkways using brick pavers in Denver! Brick has so many benefits and advantages that concrete does not have, especially when it comes to aesthetics. Even a few simple changes will make a world of difference! Learn more about the top reasons to use brick pavers, ideas for creating pathways in your front and back yards, and tips for upgrading your landscaping.

Top Reasons to Use Brick Pavers
Brick pavers provide an upscale as prestigious look to your home. They are unique and will help your home stand out in the neighborhood. But not only do they have great aesthetic appeal, they have a quality that is unmatched by many other types of materials. For a great price, you can count on brick pavers to last for years to come. First, they are stronger than concrete and asphalt. They do not crack, fade or chip which allows them to maintain their great appearance even when battling the outdoor elements. Speaking of outdoor elements, having brick pavers installed will help snow and ice removal a breeze as it is a smooth, solid surface. This applies during the summer as well as you can sweep through it without having to get caught on gaps.

Ideas to Create Pathways
If you have paths around your home that are cracking and in poor shape, not only could this hurt the value of your home, but can also be a danger as well. You will want to fix this as soon as possible—and brick pavers are just the solution. Start by installing a brick paved driveway that makes for a welcoming entryway. Continue this design by creating a pathway that leads to your front porch. If you have landscaping along the side of your house, spruce it up by adding a small path around it. If you have a detached garage, it is also helpful to extend your brick pavers to lead to the entrance.

Tips for Upgrading Your Landscaping
Brick pavers are the perfect compliment to great landscaping. To add an extra pop to your newly installed pathways, line the outer side of the pavers with small, colorful flowers. If you have pavers installed on the side of your home, you can fill the space between the pavers and the home with decorative rocks—which also helps you cut down on mowing. As you work to enhance your lawn, HGTV has an extensive list of landscaping ideas to help.

For more ideas to enhance your home’s curb appeal, review these Denver hardscaping tips for your front yard. To help you install the perfect set of brick pavers, contact AMK Hardscapes. To get started to complete your project, contact AMK Hardscapes. We will help you create the perfect design that you will love all year long. Call us today at 303-525-8601 to see how we can help you design a perfect patio and/or walkway.