Ditch the Grass: 3 Benefits to Replace Traditional Landscaping with Hardscaping in Denver

When it comes to landscaping in Denver, many choose to make bold decisions. One of those bold decisions is to replace grass with paver hardscaping! It is different and out of the norm, but this replacement has several benefits. Learn about three of those benefits to see if replacing your grass with hardscaping is right for you.

Low Maintenance: One of main benefits of replacing grass with hardscaping is the low maintenance aspect. In certain months of the year, you may spend an hour or two each week mowing and perfecting your lawn. Plus, many yards have gardens. This requires time to water, maintain and perfect it. For homeowners that make the switch to hardscaping over grass, they gain a lot of their time back. Instead making sure you water your grass the perfect amount (and in many cases, wasting water), this is the alternative option. The only maintenance required is periodically sweeping and washing off the pavers. You can also power wash them to get dirt and debris out from the grout.   
Monetary Savings: If you were excited about getting hours back in your week, ditching the grass also provides huge benefits to your wallet! When you no longer have to cut the grass, you don’t have to pay to maintain a lawnmower or gas to go in it. You also do not need to pay for the water to maintain a green lawn during weeks and months where it does not rain as much. If you choose to keep flowers or other greenery along paths, it still does not include the same amount of water as a traditional lawn would. In fact, depending on the size, watering a lawn could cost anywhere from an additional $50 to $100 per month. Between this and cutting in other areas, you will appreciate the extra money in your pocket.
Save the Environment: When you aren’t using gallons of water and gas to maintain a lawn, you are helping the environment! According to Quartz’s article “It’s Time to Give Up the Great American Institution of the Front Lawn,” when you use a lawnmower, you could be creating more greenhouse gas emissions an hour than 11 cars! They also add that fertilizer has 300 times the warming potential of carbon dioxide that can last for 120 years. Learn more in the article about more negative aspects of lawn maintenance. By making the switch, you will help to save the environment.

Still not convinced getting rid of your grass is the right decision for you? Better Homes and Gardens will help bring inspiration in their article “Landscaping Ideas for Yards with No Grass.” You can also learn alternative ways to upgrade your landscaping with “Unique Ways to Add Denver Pavers to Your Outdoor Space.” When your ready, AMK Hardscapes can help. We specialize in pavers that are perfect for your home. Whether you want to completely replace a part of your grass with pavers or just a small patio area, we have the experience you need. Fill out a contact sheet to get started.