Denver Paver Hardscaping Tips For Driveway Maintenance

Do you have a driveway made out of Denver paver hardscaping? Pavers are much more durable than other stones, so they’re a great choice for driveways. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t need a little attention every once and awhile. If you want to make your driveway last longer, make sure you take good care of it by following these tips:

Clean oil spots.
If you have pavers in your back or front yard, it’s unlikely they will ever be exposed to the same substances that a driveway of pavers will be. For example, cars parked on your driveway can easily leak oil, which can stain your beautiful brick pavers. What should you do if you spot an oil stain? There are a number of tried and true methods for cleaning oil, including using baking soda, but first try to remove the stain with a wire brush, detergent, and water. Test the detergent and water in a small, hidden spot first to make sure it doesn’t damage the pavers. If the test spot turns out ok, try to use the detergent to remove the oil stain. After the stain has been scrubbed away, rinse the surface with water to remove the soapy suds.

Talk to a professional about sealing.
It’s always recommended that you seal your pavers to protect them, but it’s especially important if your pavers are used as a driveway. Talk to a professional about having your pavers sealed. If you’ve already applied a sealant, make sure you find out how long the sealant is effective so you know when it should be reapplied. Most sealants will last about two to three years, so mark your calendar and remember to make an appointment when time is up so your pavers aren’t damaged.

Change your parking pattern.
If you have furniture sitting on carpet for a long period of time, you may notice an indentation in the carpet once the furniture pieces are moved. Now, think of your driveway. Instead of parking in the same exact spot every day, switch up your parking spot so you don’t continue to apply pressure to the same area of pavers day in and day out.

Sweep it regularly.
Pavers need to be swept on a regular basis so dirt and debris does not pile up on their surface. This is especially important if you have wet leaves or branches sitting on your driveway, as the moisture can cause stains if left there for a long period of time. As you sweep across the driveway, use this as an opportunity to check for any other signs of damage, such as stains or cracks. Learn how to clean a driveway using other methods.

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