Denver Paver Hardscaping isn’t Just for Patios or Pathways

When you hear the word paver, you probably think of a stone on the ground as pavement, which hardscaping works great for. However, there are so many other creative options for Denver hardscaping than that. Using pavers to create retaining walls, tiered patios, or even cooking spaces will give your outdoor oasis depth and dimension while creating a truly unique look. It can also greatly expand your living space. Here are some ideas you may not have considered before:

Fire pits
Fire pits that burn wood are illegal in most Colorado cities because of the air pollution they cause and the safety danger they can pose. Let us create a beautiful propane or natural gas burning pit for you. They are clean burning, safe, and perfectly legal. Having a fire pit in your backyard can increase the number of months you can enjoy your patio or deck to practically year round.

Stoves or Fireplaces
Pavers can be used to craft unique grills where you can show off your BBQ skills. Grills using charcoal or wood are legal, but we can easily install a gas-fed grill for you as well. Enclosed fireplaces are also perfectly legal, but there are many air quality restrictions about when you can burn them, limiting your access. You can enjoy a warm fireside chat any day of the year with one of our gas fed fireplaces. We even have realistic looking logs to lend to the ambiance.

Steps and Patios
Creating some height with stone steps creates an inviting space for entertaining. It will also keep your patio dry if we have a particularly wet spring. Stone steps are also much safer than other materials. Stone does not absorb as much moisture as concrete, so cracks are less likely to appear. They are also less slippery when wet. Wooden steps can crack and split, easily creating a tripping hazard.

Ponds and Water Features
Nothing is more relaxing than the sound of running water. We can create a full-fledged pond with running waterfall and koi if you wish. We can also create a small stone water feature that will require much less upkeep on your part, but still give you the relaxation benefits and beauty of running water in your outdoor space.

Retaining Walls
Pavers make much better retaining walls than brick. They can be shaped into pretty much any curved or straight configuration, allowing you to shape your space any way you wish. A higher bed for flowers or plants brings their beauty closer to eye level. Drainage is also better for stronger roots, and weed control is much easier. Pavers can also help even out a sloped lawn for easier mowing and a more attractive appearance. How about doing something creative, like building a wall in a sandbox for the kids? It’s important to use professional installers when creating a stone paver wall. Unbalanced or improperly reinforced and supported walls are very dangerous.

For more inspiration check out 20 Wow Worthy Hardscaping Ideas from HGTV, or check out our project gallery.
If you have some ideas that you would like to discuss give us a call today at 303-525-8601 to set up an appointment! Start today and you’ll be ready to host a Memorial Day BBQ on your new hardscape outdoor living space!