Denver Hardscaping Trends for 2017

The design industry is constantly changing, which means landscaping and hardscaping trends come and go. If you plan on installing pavers, it’s important to learn about what trends will be popular so you don’t make a dated choice. What can you expect to be in style in 2017? Here are some of the Denver hardscaping trends that will be in demand in the New Year:

It is predicted that homeowners will begin incorporating fire bowls or pits made out of pavers into their outdoor area. Fire bowls can be added to outdoor kitchens, patios, or even in the empty space right next to the pool. This option allows homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space well into winter since they can start a fire and curl up around it with friends and family. Fire features can be customized to seamlessly blend in with the rest of your hardscaping, so it can be designed to fit every home.

Commercial Driveways and Parking Lots
Hardscaping is also expected to make a splash in the commercial real estate industry in 2017. Many industry experts predict commercial property owners will begin using pavers on their driveways and parking lots since brick pavers are more durable and low maintenance than traditional concrete. Learn how to maintain pavers here.

Using pavers in the driveway or parking lot also makes the commercial property stand out so customers will be able to easily find you when driving down the street.

Garden Walkways
Homeowners who want to create additional gathering space in their backyard will begin to incorporate walkways into their garden into 2017, according to predictions. Industry insiders believe homeowners will incorporate winding, brick paver walkways that lead guests alongside the garden to create a tranquil oasis right in their backyards.

Larger Pavers
Some homeowners still prefer smaller sized pavers, however it is predicted that large pavers will make a comeback in 2017. Using larger pavers makes the outdoor space look sleeker and more modern, so if this is the look you’re going for in your home, larger pavers may be the right choice for you. Larger pavers also have the power to make smaller areas look more open and spacious, so this is a great choice for homeowners who are trying to spruce up a tiny backyard.

Custom Design
Homeowners who are certain they won’t be moving anytime soon are beginning to customize their paver designs. For example, ask the hardscaping company you work with about adding your family’s initials to the paver design. This is much more unique than creating a checkerboard look or alternating light and dark pavers, but if you’re not certain you’ll be in the home for a long period of time, avoid this trend. If you want to be more unique without making it so personal, discuss what designs you can create with the pavers to make them stand out.

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