Denver Hardscaping Options for Small Backyards

Denver Hardscaping Options for Small Backyards

Having a small backyard can feel very limiting when it comes to creating a beautiful outdoor space. But the good news is you don’t need an expansive backyard to create the outdoor space of your dreams. All you need are some smart design tips and tricks that work with your small space instead of against it. Here are six Denver hardscaping options for any small backyard:

1.Utilize a single kind of pavers – While you can create a unique design by using multiple styles of pavers, using too many styles in a small space can quickly look too busy. Sticking with a single paver creates a clean, pleasing look without overwhelming the space visually. On top of that, because your space is smaller, you might even be able to go with a more expensive paver to add interest to your yard.

2.Less is more – When it comes to things like a fire pit or a water feature, always keep in mind the overall size of the space. Nothing will make your small backyard look smaller than adding an oversized fire pit or an intricate water feature right in the middle of it. Stick with features that fit the scale of the space and have simple details and designs to keep the space from looking crowded.

3.Change levels – A great way to add interest and visual space to your backyard is to sink your paver patio down a step. By sinking your patio a bit you not only make the space feel larger but you also create a fun seating area that feels a bit more intimate and cozy.

4.Create a focal point – Carefully choosing a single focal point for your yard or patio helps to draw the eye to that particular aspect instead of noticing the overall size of the yard. This can be accomplished a number of ways, such as a fire pit, water feature, colorful seating, or unique plants.

5.Utilize raised beds – Using every inch of space is vital when working with a small backyard. Raised flower beds with retaining walls can be added to just about any unused corner or space in the yard. Not only do they provide a great place for planting flowers but they can also serve as additional seating when you have guests over.

6.Keep things open – While architectural features like pergolas, arches, and gazebos can be beautiful, in a small backyard, they are more likely to overwhelm and make the space feel claustrophobic. It’s best to leave a small patio uncovered so that it feels open and airy.

No matter what size your yard is, hardscaping can make it a beautiful space that you’ll never want to leave. And whether you want to do the work yourself or hire someone else to take over from start to finish, AMK Hardscapes has the experience and knowledge to create a big impact with hardscaping in a small space. Head over to our Project Gallery for some inspiration or contact us today to get started on your backyard project.