Denver Brick Paver Repair Services

Brick paver systems can make your landscape pop, and it may increase the value of your home. Although brick paver systems are highly durable, certain problems can damage the system and require occasional repairs. If you need to repair or upgrade your pavers, we recommend learning about the Denver brick paver repair services that premier hardscaping companies can provide. Continue reading to learn more about your options and what to look for when choosing a Denver, Colorado paving company.

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Brick Placement

The best Denver hardscaping companies can fulfill brick replacement projects.

Many issues can cause some of your bricks to become cracked, chipped, or dislodged. Some sections of your paver system might be exposed to frequent amounts of foot traffic, sunlight, heavy objects, or rain and snowstorms.

Having bricks become cracked or dislodged facilitates many problems. The damaged bricks can diminish the appearance of your yard, render your family susceptible to incur injuries while walking on the paver system, and without prompt repairs, the damage can intensify and spread to other areas on your hardscape.

However, brick paver experts can replace any bricks that are loose, broken, or dislodged. Experienced installers can isolate and remove the damaged bricks, provide brand new bricks that match your existing system, and then install the new bricks effectively to ensure that each brick is tightly secure and that your entire system is stable.

Denver Brick Paver Repair

Base Repairs

You can also receive Denver brick paver repair services to restore the base of your hardscape.

Several situations can damage the base beneath the bricks and cause the base to sag, sink, or display uneven sections. While brick paver systems can hold heavy snow, having excessive accumulations of snow become concentrated in one section of the paver system can cause the given section to sink under the heavyweight.

Avoid snow accumulation with a heated driveway!

Water erosion from rainstorms, floods, or leaks can also cause exorbitant amounts of water to penetrate and sink the base of the paver system. Additionally, improper installation techniques can hinder the strength and efficacy of the base. Premier hardscaping experts can repair these base problems.

Paving experts can lift the bricks and add various materials to thicken and stabilize the base, such as mortar mixture or gravel products. Professionals can then solidify the base, smooth the area to create an even base layer, and verify that the base is strong enough to hold the bricks and other objects without sinking.

Joint Repairs

The top Denver hardscaping companies can also fulfill joint repair services.

Problems with the joints between the bricks can destabilize the system, dislodge the bricks, and cause cracks to emerge and permeate throughout the system.

Ask your chosen experts to fix any issues that impair the joints.

  • Paving experts can provide sanding and vibration services to stabilize the joints, fix weak edges, and maintain sufficient compaction levels.
  • Ask about options to alleviate weed problems that can emerge between the bricks and damage the joints.
  • Paver repair professionals can eradicate the weeds, apply sealant products, and strengthen the joints to prevent new weeds from breaching the cracks between the bricks.
  • Additionally, experienced hardscaping experts can also relieve insect problems by coating the joints with effective insect repellant products and by using techniques that prevent ants and other infestations from developing on your paver system.

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