Denver Brick Paver Patterns

Designing and installing an interlocking brick paver system can significantly enhance the beauty and quality of your home. However, you can decide between many different options when determining which brick paver design(s) would be most appropriate for your hardscape needs and would most effectively complement your home or commercial property.

Below, we’ve provided a detailed look into some of the various brick paver pattern options available for your Denver property. If you are interested in having a brick paver system installed in your yard, reach out the to the team at AMK Hardscapes in Denver. Start selecting your brick patio patterns today!

Basket Weave Brick Pattern

You may select a basket weave pattern for your Denver brick paver design. The basket weave is a traditional pattern, commonly used in hardscapes. For this design pattern, pairs of bricks are aligned together either horizontally or vertically. Each pair of bricks varies so that one pair aligns together vertically, the next pair aligns horizontally, and the pairs alternate to create an even pattern that resembles the weaving of a basket.

The basket weave is a very adaptable brick paver pattern for Denver properties and can be used for many outdoor areas. However, the pattern cannot hold as much weight as other designs because of the relatively increased space between the bricks. As a result, the basket weave pattern is especially appropriate for walkways and entryways. In these areas, the bricks will only be exposed to light foot traffic and the attractive paver design will surely impress your guests.

Brick Bond Patterns

Top Denver hardscaping companies can also utilize many different brick bond patterns. Bond patterns feature bricks that are laid horizontally, the rows of bricks are aligned side-by-side throughout the design, and this develops a clean layout of rows and columns in which this consistent brick paver pattern permeates throughout the entire hardscape.

Brick paving experts are able use the bond pattern to create a diverse range of brick paver design options. For instance, a stack bond enables the grout lines in each row to align perfectly and to create a chart-like appearance.

Providing durability and beauty, bond patterns are a
great choice for brick patio patterns!

In contrast, a running bond enables the grout lines to alternate in each row, so the lines are always centered with the bricks above and below them.
Paving professionals are also trained to arrange layers of bricks that encircle each other and expand outward to create a spiral appearance. The beauty and durability of bond patterns makes the design an especially conducive brick pattern for patios and gazebos. The smooth patterns are very appealing to the eye and the design radiates an elegant, natural beauty which can generate a calm and comfortable atmosphere for your patio.

This pattern is also very durable, which enables the bond paver systems to hold heavy outdoor furniture and large grilling equipment without becoming damaged or cracked. Denver residents agree, this is a great choice to combine with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

Herringbone Brick Pattern

You can also use a herringbone brick paver pattern for your Denver brick paver system. The herringbone design creates a zigzag look. Professionals place the brick pavers at 45- or 90-degree angles. This generates a strikingly beautiful and a vibrant energy that can significantly enhance the gorgeous and luxurious appearance of your hardscape.

The herringbone is also one of the strongest available patterns because the bricks are tightly interlocked with minimal space between each brick. As a result, the herringbone design is especially appropriate for brick driveways, because the layout enables the bricks to withstand the substantial weight of cars and trucks without incurring any damages.

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