Create Curb Appeal with Brick Pavers

Create Curb Appeal with Brick Pavers

Enhancing your curb appeal with brick pavers is a great way to make a striking first impression on your guests and passers-by alike. Your home’s exterior design and condition is the first thing people notice about a house and plays an integral part in the overall look and feel of your home. Whether you are looking to add style or functionality to your outdoor space, or to increase your home’s value for a potential sale, here are a few different ideas on how to use brick pavers and create a hardscape plan to create the perfect front yard with exceptional curb appeal:

Walkways: Walkways and pathways aren’t limited to just the front of your home – they can lead to the side or back of your house and create unexpected and enchanting ways to traverse your property. Unlike poured concrete that will eventually crack, brick pavers will last for years to come. Brick pavers can also be laid in a lot of interesting patterns and can visually widen a walkway to make it appear that your outdoor area covers more space than it actually does.

Trees: If you have a tree in your front yard, adding a tree ring or garden wall is a great way to dress it up. Surrounding it with flowers or plants looks nice at first, but they can struggle to get enough sunlight and nutrients under the shade of the tree. Adding a wall or ring is the best way to create a lasting maintenance-free design.

Edging: When your front yard includes plants and flowers, adding edging around them creates division that adds visual interest. To create a distinct yet appealing border around flower beds, for example, placing natural stones around the bed creates visual emphasis without taking away from the natural look of your yard. If you and your neighbor’s front yard seem to blend together, adding edging along your property’s line with hardscaping creates an attractive physical boundary.

Custom Hardscapes: Our hardscape experts can also create custom brick paver designs to incorporate a more artistic look to your hardscape plan. From creating a focal point at the top of your driveway to simply livening up the back deck, custom paver work is a delight for all. And don’t forget those cold, wintery months! We also install custom heated brick pavers for a truly luxurious experience.

Looking to enhance your curb appeal by hardscaping your front yard? Give AMK Hardscapes a call, we will make sure you have the best curb appeal in the neighborhood all year long, no matter the season!