Create a Rustic Theme for Your Home with Stone Driveways in Cherry Hills

Rustic homes are one of the most popular styles in today’s market. Their warmth adds in a welcoming feel, making it a place that you look forward to coming to each day. If you are looking for ways to make your home have that rustic exterior appeal, there are a number of options. Whether your budget is large or small, you can incorporate changes to accomplish your décor goals. From choosing the right colors and siding, and flowers and shrubs, to stone driveways in Cherry Hills, use this as your guide for your perfect rustic home!

Paint Colors and Siding
No matter if your home is wood or has siding, you have options either way to help enhance your exterior to a rustic theme.

Paint: Choose warm shades of brown for your exterior. If your home is large, you can choose darker shades. Tie it in with light brown or white trim painting to give it the perfect pop. Not a fan of brown? You can use shades of burnt blue, orange or green. When picking shades, avoid bold and vibrant colors. Get a better idea of what shades to use through reviewing the top seven paint colors for rustic decorating.
Siding: When using vinyl siding for your home, you can choose the same colors mentioned for painting wood homes. For a true rustic feel, consider adding wood siding. Try pairing lightly colored wood siding with dark window accents, or vice versa. This will give added depth and dimension. You can also choose white wood to give a bright feel that will still fit with the rustic look and feel.

Flowers and Shrubs
This spring, make sure you compliment your upgraded siding with flowers and shrubs that pair with your rustic theme. This is also the area you can really add pops of color to make your home stand out. Some of the most common flowers to use include white hydrangeas, gorgeous tall, purple catmints or sage, coneflowers or sunflowers, bold blue delphiniums, or classic white daisies.

For plants and shrubs, create plant beds in front of your home that fill the space. You can mix shrubs with flowers to create depth and dimension. With a rustic theme, you can mix and match a variety of plants and shrubs in ways you couldn’t with modern or traditional homes. Evergreen shrubs are great because they last all year long. You can also pick shrubs that flower during different seasons, making your landscaping transform throughout the year.

Installing a Stone Driveway
Stone is one of the most common materials used in rustic themes. If you are looking for that final way to complete your perfect rustic renovation, choose a stone driveway. The rocks have dimension in ways that concrete will never have. They are upscale and easy to care for.

Need help transforming your exterior to be your rustic oasis? AMK Hardscapes can help. From brick pavers and stones, to incorporating hardscaping, we have a variety of ways to make your house a home. With spring just around the corner, make sure you use our top improvements to make to your landscaping, including stone driveways in Denver.  Get started with your project and call us at 303-525-8601.