Create a Rustic Exterior with Stone Driveways in Denver

When it comes to a home renovation, the first thing that comes to the mind of homeowners is interior work. However, have you thought about giving the outside of your home a new look and feel? There are so many themes to choose from, with one of the most popular styles being a rustic theme. A rustic theme is classic and welcoming. You’ll be excited to come home each day, your guests will love it, and you will boost the curb appeal of your house. Learn more about the rustic theme, outdoor elements to include in a makeover, and installing stone driveways in Denver.

What is the Rustic Theme?
Rustic homes are on the rise. Is this the right style for you? There are several positive traits of this theme. First, it includes several natural colors, tones, and materials with vintage themes. Wood and stone are some of the most popular materials and they are installed in a variety of areas—not just flooring. In a home, you may find a wood ceiling with ceiling beams and stone accent walls. A-frame ceilings are also common with rustic homes, which can help showcase a rustic theme on the outside of your house, too. Then sprinkled in a rustic home are other natural elements such as handcrafted furniture, furs, plants, and lighting. As you begin to make your changes, consider one of these rustic home decorations.

Outdoor Elements to Include
The same indoor traits of a rustic home apply to the outside—and then more. If you are able to make any changes to the outside of the house, consider a stone exterior with wood décor beams. If you are not looking to change the home itself, you can make additions in your front and backyard. Consider ideas such as:

Rustic patio area with handcrafted wooden chairs and a stone fire pit
Wood handrails
Large stones on tiered landscaping with built-in waterfalls
Installing wooden sliding barn doors
Country style and antique light fixtures
Timber frames for porches or awnings

Installing a Stone Driveway and Walkways
For the icing on the cake for your rustic theme home renovation, add stone walkways and a stone driveway. You can work with your local hardscaping company to find a pattern of stones in a variety of natural tones. You can purchase them in a variety of colors to give some variety to your project. Your stone company can install a variety of types and styles that best fit your theme. Consider a solid driveway with interlocking pavers, and for walkways, you can do a mixture of solid walkways or ones that are more open. This means the stones are not all connected, which will add to the rustic theme.

As you look for ideas to make the outside of your home rustic, look through AMK Hardscapes’ project gallery. We work with our clients to create the outdoor area they love. From driveways and walkways to hardscaping and other installations, we can make your goals come true. Call us today at 303-525-8601 to set up your consultation appointment.