Brick Walkways Denver: A Step Above the Rest

The front door of your home is its access point, main focus, and where all of your family, guests and even some potentially unwelcome visitors will enter and exit for years to come. Their feet will not only carry them toward and over the threshold of your home but the eyes of everyone visiting or passing by will follow the same exact path and be drawn in – so why not make the journey both useful and aesthetically pleasing for everyone?
Options for this area typically range from a simple concrete sidewalk to stepping stones which are generally separated by either the ground itself (grass, dirt, mulch) or some type of decorative rock like pea gravel. While all serve a similar purpose, electing to utilize brick pavers instead has multiple benefits.
What could be more simple than a concrete sidewalk? While this option may appear to initially be the most cost-effective, long-term care is important to consider. Over time the concrete can crack and crumble, especially after years of enduring harsh Colorado winters, causing drainage issues, trip hazards and unsightly cracks which sometimes can span the entire length of a walkway. Brick pavers eliminate each of these concerns and are built to last. Snow removal is especially easy as the seamless process of installation will not create any inconsistencies which may stand out and grab the edge of a shovel. Shoveling the snow around stepping stones and having to work between each and every different block can be both cumbersome and simply annoying in addition to worrying about causing potential damage to each block. Knowing you can safely remove it without having to worry about snow plowing ruining driveways or damaging your walkway while unintentionally causing any cracks to worsen, is extremely gratifying.

For poured concrete there are limited options available for color choices and or patterns. These restricted capabilities keep homeowners from achieving their desired outcome when choosing this method. Pavers allow for a variety of both color schemes and design which can immediately enhance the curb appeal of your home by creating a welcoming runway for all to see. Not only does this option allow owners the flexibility to change the look of their home but also provides a solid surface that will be structurally sound, appealing, and something that will, in most circumstances, outlast the home itself.
The individuals at AMK Hardscapes can assist you in determining the best option as a path to your home either from the driveway or sidewalk. Our highly trained and certified staff will make certain you not only receive the best service available but will continue to be accessible throughout the process to answer any questions which may arise prior, during or after installation. They can help with a number of different paver options such as patios or other landscaping needs for pavers. If you should need any assistance in determining the best option for a walkway or anything else the AMK experts are ready to help. Call 303-525-8601 or contact us to inquire about an estimate today!