Brick Paving Stones: Your Patio Fire Pit Solution

As the summer heat continues, thoughts of cooler fall weather are fresh on everyone’s mind. At times, we will be blessed with a below average temperature during a summer evening to provide a nice peek at what Mother Nature has in store and it often leaves people looking for a way to celebrate and enjoy the outdoors. One of the best ways is camping and everyone knows the best tradition revolving around sleeping outdoors involves the ritual that is – a campfire.

Fire Pit Design Trends
One of the latest trends in designing outdoor spaces has been to bring the art of an outdoor campfire and all of the camaraderie, bonding, and good storytelling for which it is known, into a more accessible and enjoyable patio space outside the home.

The level of design and size of the pit used can range from a fully installed gas line providing a seemingly never ending flame, used mostly for heat purposes, to a buried truck rim, hollowed out and filled with wood to burn. Both are capable of providing similar experiences although the wood burning unit can provide even more opportunities for entertainment with “cooking” purposes being an option. Roasted marshmallows, Smores, and even hot dogs can all be skewered and held over the flame until each individual’s preferred doneness while providing hours of warmth, entertainment and comfort.

Options for installation also can fall on opposite ends of the budget spectrum but by using brick pavers any homeowner can ensure themselves of the best possible fire pit imaginable, often with built-in spaces for seating and enjoying the flame.

This outdoor addition can add value to your home almost immediately both monetarily and through sheer enjoyment and use. A gathering place for friends and family following a long day, kicking off a weekend or any number of other occasions, the fire pit will be a sought after addition and utilizing brick pavers will pay benefits in design and application.

Fire Pit Benefits
These benefits of having an outdoor fire pit will have you feeling good about the decision immediately. Regardless of the time of year and often without having to give much thought to the temperature, a fire pit can be utilized year-round. Unlike swimming pools, which may be the gathering spot of choice during potentially four months of the year, fire pits are good from January to December, cost much less to install and arguably provide an equal amount of fun when in use. Simply taking into account the availability gives fire pit the biggest advantage over pools.

When you’re ready to light it up, the experts at AMK Hardscapes will be happy to help you determine which size and design is best suited for your needs. Our professionally trained associates will ensure that you not only receive the best service available but they can offer details to patio design and functionality which will keep you using the outdoor space well into the future. They will assist with not only fire pits but any number of other paver options, including driveways, walkways and walled landscaping opportunities. Whether you need a simple recommendation, have a question about fire pits, pavers, or their installation, AMK Hardscapes can help. Call 303-525-8601 or contact us to inquire about an estimate today.